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The purpose of this website is to keep a track of my programming efforts, I also enjoy writing about various things I like, and you can also see all posts here.

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Coding update: I’m terrorized by my own unit-tests

I stopped working on the code for many weeks because I had other things to on my mind, but also because the work I planned was not super exciting. I want to trust my “basic” libraries, math, core and image. They contain relatively simple code that will be the building blocks of the rest of…

Movie review burst #2

Anastasia “Ra-Ra-Rasputin, Russia’s sexiest love machine” Don Bluth, Gary Goldman (1997) It looks very nice, I like the songs, especially the main theme that comes back several times. I also enjoyed the dynamic between the main characters. The superb animation makes it worthwhile, even if the villain is a bit of an afterthought. Le Grand…

The 100th post!

I am not very happy with my work on the site. I don’t spend nearly enough time on programming (because I’m very lazy) and I find writing reviews a bit redundant, I don’t think I have interesting things to say on everything I see or play. I will cut down on review articles, and reorganize…

Video game review burst #1

Astro’s Playroom SIE Japan Studio – Asobi Team (2020) The amount of fun that is packed into this tiny game/tech-demo is nothing short of astonishing. It makes a tremendous job of showing you the different features of the DualSense controller. It’s basically a collection fest through and through, but it was one of the best…