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What is ame?

ame is a personal programming project, started years ago and hopefully evolving into something decent.

The purpose of this website is to keep a track of programming efforts, I also sometimes write about various things I like, and all posts can be read here.

Latest posts

Programming Log 2022 #2: LearnOpenGL Android port WIP

It’s been a while since I posted anything, I have stopped working for a good chunk of the year, but I recently went back at it! Changelog: ported all exisiting LearnOpenGL examples to android (gathering everything under one app), now all code is portable between win32 & android Cmake macros improvement to automatically handle assets […]

Programming Log 2022 #1: Starfield

Changelog: Support for Linux platform in the toolchain using cmake, CodeBlocks with Unix Makefiles, on Ubuntu VM Support for Android platform in the toolchain using (only) Visual Studio 2022 with mobile development tools for C++ and cmake simple starfield app using software rendering After months of relative inactivity, I am back working on the project! […]

Summer update 2021: getting rid of dependencies

Photo by Nattu Adnan on Unsplash I have been away from this site for a long time. I was busy buying a house and preparing a wedding, and my motivation took a serious hit. Things are starting to calm down so I will hopefully write more posts from now on. I removed some pages from […]

Movie review burst #3

When Harry Met Sally Rob Reiner (1989) I will say this is not Rob Reiner’s best work. I enjoyed it as you get that nice eighties throwback. But in terms of rom-coms it’s definitely not among my favorites. When Marnie was there Hiromasa Yonebayashi (2014) I was genuinely touched watching this. It’s quite different from […]

Video game review burst #2

SackBoy: A Big Adventure Sumo Digital (2020) A really good surprise, I’m usually not a fan of platform games. I finished the story it playing with my girlfriend but wasn’t bothered to complete everything. Positives Surprised at how good it plays Not a fan of the aesthetic but it is a gorgeous game Negatives Difficulty […]