I am a software engineer, working mostly with C++ on Windows and C#. In my free time I like to program things for fun and educational purposes. I now try to program exclusively in C.

Visit the github page for the ame project.

I’ve also added some dev environment details here.

Programming Posts

  • Coding update – tools, improvements and (re)Learn OpenGL
    It’s been a while since my last post, I was on holidays and also some of the things below kept me quite busy. Here is a non exhaustive list of what I’ve worked on: cmake scripts: I’ve finally managed to […]
  • Coding update: new libraries, graphics and input
    I’m still coding my way back to where I was before I decided to switch to C instead of C++. I updated the documentation with the new libs (I have to write hundreds of comments though…sigh…). Graphics The graphics library […]
  • C Code joy: the image library
    I have transferred my C++ image library to C. Fortunately that wasn’t too hard, and I’ve been able to make many improvements along the way. After the porting to C it’s cleaner, way more modular, I love it. Features supported […]
  • First release of code doc generator
    The GitHub page for the project is now up. Thanks to GitHub pages I can now host the HTML code documentation for my entire C code, which is quite a nice feature. See it here. I have also uploaded a […]
  • C programming – adding multi-threading
    A simple API I have not worked a lot with concurrency in the past, though in my C++ code I made a small multi-threaded job system, that I barely used. This time I wanted to introduce it quite early in […]
  • Progress update: C doc generator tool
    It works! After weeks spending time on it (& fixing code), I have a working version of the doc generator I am satisfied with. Thanks to my girlfriend, setting up correct HTML/CSS would have been a lot more painful if […]
  • What’s up? Doc!
    Progress update on the documentation generator I’ve made a lot of progress on the code documentation tool. I took a lot of inspiration stole from Eskil Steenberg’s website On “stealing” things On this subject, whenever I see something cool […]
  • Progress update – parser, strings and containers
    All this for documentation no one will read… Instead of using an already existing code documentation generator, like Doxygen, I have decided yet again to build my own. For now I want to make sure it parses my C code […]
  • Life without the OOP – Code conversion ongoing…
    Rewriting my code to C is somewhat tedious (especially the math lib…), I’m nowhere near converting every C++ file I have, but of what I got so far I like the end result a lot, and I enjoy the shift […]
  • Do you C?
    The confinement has taken its toll on me. I’m dropping C++ in favor of C. I wonder if the the virus got to my brain instead of my lungs? A week ago I decided to port all my C++ code […]
  • Back after a break
    News from the confinement area (a.k.a my living room…) It’s a crazy time, and I haven’t been productive at all these last few weeks. But I’m slowly adapting to the situation and I am motivated to work on some things […]
  • It’s GIF!!!
    My next order of focus is something that will be extra beneficial and fun for the engine, supporting the GIF format! Yay \o/ I could very well take an existing library, but I don’t like the idea of pulling another […]
  • Improvements to Image library
    Kicking off 2020 with a cheerful update on the framework Pixels, Pixels everywhere… Happy new year! After a rather unproductive Christmas break, I continued with improving my Image library. I actually rewrote it completely to make the transition easier. Eons […]
  • First GUI version of the list maker
    Report of progress of the last few weeks. It’s getting there. Slowly but surely It took a while to get here! A lot of GUI code improvements later, the app now allows total customization of the list. Text parameters, colors, […]
  • Progress on the tier list app
    Talking about the recent improvement to the C++ framework and the tier list maker. The infinity backlog Building a functioning app (even a very modest one) allows me to make a lot of bug fixing and general improvements to the […]
  • A tier list maker
    I love making tier-lists, It’s a form a grading stuff that’s simple and very visual. GUI GUI GUI I very briefly searched online tools to make one. I found a couple that weren’t great in terms of features and output. […]
  • Font paradise
    Writing the same thing in 200 different ways It feels good to get something working! As I explained in the previous post, I was seriously lacking bitmap fonts in the framework. I modified Codehead’s BitmapFont Generator’s code, adding a new […]
  • Getting more Fonts!
    All hail the bitmap I added bitmap fonts earlier to handle writing text in the framework.I’ve used the great CBFG by Codehead, to generate the font data I wanted (.BMP + CSV data).I made a small executable to bundle the […]
  • The work / hobby, where I’m at
    About my “work” (lol) As a C++ engineer, for years I’ve been building (on and off, mostly off) my own set of tools to something that resembles a start of game engine. I like to do things myself, but am […]