I am a software engineer, working mostly with C++ on Windows and C#. In my free time I like to program things for fun and educational purposes. I now try to program exclusively in C.

Find the programming posts below.

The github page hosts the code reference and a view of projects.

Programming Posts

  • Programming Log 2022 #2: LearnOpenGL Android port WIP
    It’s been a while since I posted anything, I have stopped working for a good chunk of the year, but I recently went back at it! Changelog: ported all exisiting LearnOpenGL examples to android (gathering everything under one app), now […]
  • Programming Log 2022 #1: Starfield
    Changelog: Support for Linux platform in the toolchain using cmake, CodeBlocks with Unix Makefiles, on Ubuntu VM Support for Android platform in the toolchain using (only) Visual Studio 2022 with mobile development tools for C++ and cmake simple starfield app […]
  • Summer update 2021: getting rid of dependencies
    Photo by Nattu Adnan on Unsplash I have been away from this site for a long time. I was busy buying a house and preparing a wedding, and my motivation took a serious hit. Things are starting to calm down […]
  • Coding update: I’m terrorized by my own unit-tests
    I stopped working on the code for many weeks because I had other things to on my mind, but also because the work I planned was not super exciting. I want to trust my “basic” libraries, math, core and image. […]
  • Coding update: 2D Text Rendering
    Making things a lot simpler I’ve reworked the code for bitmap fonts that I had before. What I had previously was working but in the end was very complicated for no reason. The new font library has the following (limited) […]
  • Coding update – lighting and code removal
    Slow progress is still progress These are the things I worked on since last article: Implemented the Lighting tutorials of LearnOpenGL – result visible here Added GLSL file types to code documentation (and added shader files to tutorial documentation) A […]
  • Coding update – tools, improvements and (re)Learn OpenGL
    It’s been a while since my last post, I was on holidays and also some of the things below kept me quite busy. Here is a non exhaustive list of what I’ve worked on: cmake scripts: I’ve finally managed to […]
  • Coding update: new libraries, graphics and input
    I’m still coding my way back to where I was before I decided to switch to C instead of C++. I updated the documentation with the new libs (I have to write hundreds of comments though…sigh…). Graphics The graphics library […]
  • C Code joy: the image library
    I have transferred my C++ image library to C. Fortunately that wasn’t too hard, and I’ve been able to make many improvements along the way. After the porting to C it’s cleaner, way more modular, I love it. Features supported […]
  • C programming – adding multi-threading
    A simple API I have not worked a lot with concurrency in the past, though in my C++ code I made a small multi-threaded job system, that I barely used. This time I wanted to introduce it quite early in […]
  • Progress update: C doc generator tool
    It works! After weeks spending time on it (& fixing code), I have a working version of the doc generator I am satisfied with. Thanks to my girlfriend, setting up correct HTML/CSS would have been a lot more painful if […]
  • What’s up? Doc!
    Progress update on the documentation generator I’ve made a lot of progress on the code documentation tool. I took a lot of inspiration stole from Eskil Steenberg’s website On “stealing” things On this subject, whenever I see something cool […]
  • Progress update – parser, strings and containers
    All this for documentation no one will read… Instead of using an already existing code documentation generator, like Doxygen, I have decided yet again to build my own. For now I want to make sure it parses my C code […]
  • Life without the OOP – Code conversion ongoing…
    Rewriting my code to C is somewhat tedious (especially the math lib…), I’m nowhere near converting every C++ file I have, but of what I got so far I like the end result a lot, and I enjoy the shift […]
  • Do you C?
    The confinement has taken its toll on me. I’m dropping C++ in favor of C. I wonder if the the virus got to my brain instead of my lungs? A week ago I decided to port all my C++ code […]
  • Back after a break
    News from the confinement area (a.k.a my living room…) It’s a crazy time, and I haven’t been productive at all these last few weeks. But I’m slowly adapting to the situation and I am motivated to work on some things […]
  • It’s GIF!!!
    My next order of focus is something that will be extra beneficial and fun for the engine, supporting the GIF format! Yay \o/ I could very well take an existing library, but I don’t like the idea of pulling another […]
  • Improvements to Image library
    Kicking off 2020 with a cheerful update on the framework Pixels, Pixels everywhere… Happy new year! After a rather unproductive Christmas break, I continued with improving my Image library. I actually rewrote it completely to make the transition easier. Eons […]
  • First GUI version of the list maker
    Report of progress of the last few weeks. It’s getting there. Slowly but surely It took a while to get here! A lot of GUI code improvements later, the app now allows total customization of the list. Text parameters, colors, […]
  • Progress on the tier list app
    Talking about the recent improvement to the C++ framework and the tier list maker. The infinity backlog Building a functioning app (even a very modest one) allows me to make a lot of bug fixing and general improvements to the […]
  • A tier list maker
    I love making tier-lists, It’s a form a grading stuff that’s simple and very visual. GUI GUI GUI I very briefly searched online tools to make one. I found a couple that weren’t great in terms of features and output. […]
  • Font paradise
    Writing the same thing in 200 different ways It feels good to get something working! As I explained in the previous post, I was seriously lacking bitmap fonts in the framework. I modified Codehead’s BitmapFont Generator’s code, adding a new […]
  • Getting more Fonts!
    All hail the bitmap I added bitmap fonts earlier to handle writing text in the framework.I’ve used the great CBFG by Codehead, to generate the font data I wanted (.BMP + CSV data).I made a small executable to bundle the […]
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