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This page lists the posts I write about video games, old and new.

Video games posts

  • Video Game review: Terminator Resistance
    Terminator Resistance Teyon (2019) I like the Terminator franchise a lot (well the first two movies are marvelous, after that it’s downhill for sure, even though some things are interesting). Single-player First person shooters are among my favorite genre of games, especially on consoles (I know most people don’t like it). Most Terminator games ended […]
  • Video Game review: Degrees of Separation
    Degrees of Separation Moondrop (2019) I was browsing through PlayStation Store, trying to find a game to play with my girlfriend, and came across this hidden gem for a very reasonable price. Play as Rime and Ember, brought together by a mysterious force, but staying apart in their respective worlds, in this 2D puzzle adventure. […]
  • Video Game: Doom Eternal
    Doom Eternal id Software (2020) Like many a kid growing up in the 1990’s, I have played the original Doom. I skipped Doom 3, and was stupidly skeptical when the great Doom (2016) came out. I swiftly corrected this idiotic viewpoint by playing it, and was very eager to play the sequel. As the Doom […]