Movie review: RoboCop

RoboCop Paul Verhoeven (1987) Sometimes I don’t understand my own behavior. I’m very much a proponent of auteur theory, if I like an artist I tend to try and look at most of their production. I have liked each Paul Verhoven movies I’ve seen (yes, even Show Girls). Some of them are among my favorites.… Continue Reading

Movie review: Alien: Covenant

Alien: Covenant Ridley Scott (2017) A lot of people criticized Prometheus for its lacks of ties with the original Alien movie. Ridley Scott returns once again to direct the sequel and continue the story. Some hoped he would finally “fix the errors” of the previous film, and make a truly worthy prequel to Alien. They… Continue Reading

Movie review: Prometheus

Prometheus Ridley Scott (2012) It’s a very common thing with people my age: I’ve been a huge fan of the Alien saga since I was a child (even though now I’m thinking maybe no kid should see those movies?). Like many, I was expecting a lot from this movie, with Ridley Scott returning to direct… Continue Reading

Movie review: Ender’s Game

Ender’s Game Gavin Hood (2013) I missed Ender’s Game when it came out in 2013, and saw it was pretty much panned by critics and ignored by audiences. Yet again, I find myself completely out of phase with the general opinion. Fifty years after a foiled invasion of Earth by an insectoid alien race known… Continue Reading

Movie review: Interstellar

Interstellar Christopher Nolan (2014) Science-fiction is probably my favorite genre in films. At the time I liked movies made by Christopher Nolan (some more than others), the last non-Batman one being Inception which I was very impressed by. So naturally I went in the theater expecting to be blown away. And well… The Good: Visually… Continue Reading

Movie review: Ad Astra

Ad Astra James Gray (2019) Reading this blog it would become evident that I have a thing for movies involving space and/or science fiction. This one joins the long line of movies that I stupidly didn’t see on a big screen. How wrong I was… As a series of power surges are threatening life in… Continue Reading

Book review: The Electric State

The Electric State Simon StÃ¥lenhag (2018) I can’t remember how I found out about Simon StÃ¥lenhag, probably during a browsing-down-the-rabbit-hole session. But it didn’t take me long to appreciate how talented he is and how well I react to his art. In his third book, we follow Michelle and her “robot” Skip, journeying across the… Continue Reading