Movie review: Peau d’Ane

Peau D’Ane Jacques Demy (1970) I feel like I’ve known this movie all my life. but watching it recently I was able to really appreciate how much of a classic it is. Jacques Demy adapts Charles Perrault’s fairy tale, where a widowed King plans to marry his daughter. With the help of her fairy godmother,… Continue Reading

Movie review: Ridicule

Ridicule Patrice Leconte (1996) I like a good period movie. Especially for those set in pre-revolutionary France, there really is no comparison between popular american attempts (most are just horrendous) and a movie like this. France in the 18th century, Baron and engineer Gregoire De Malavoy travels to Versailles in hopes of improving the poor… Continue Reading

Movie review: Jeanne

Jeanne Bruno Dumont (2018) A french youtuber I follow (has the BEST name for a Youtube channel…) recommended this movie. It looked odd, different, but he gave very convincing arguments so I was intrigued. He was right! The movie adapts the writings of Charles Peguy and focuses on Joan of Arc’s trial. The Bad: The… Continue Reading