Do you C?

The confinement has taken its toll on me. I’m dropping C++ in favor of C. I wonder if the the virus got to my brain instead of my lungs? A week ago I decided to port all my C++ code to C. I still like C++ it a lot, I’m using it all the time… Continue Reading

Back after a break

News from the confinement area (a.k.a my living room…) It’s a crazy time, and I haven’t been productive at all these last few weeks. But I’m slowly adapting to the situation and I am motivated to work on some things again. Implementing the GIF format was a painful process, it took a while and I… Continue Reading

It’s GIF!!!

My next order of focus is something that will be extra beneficial and fun for the engine, supporting the GIF format! Yay \o/ I could very well take an existing library, but I don’t like the idea of pulling another dependency.I’d rather have my own bit of code that doesn’t require maintenance, checking versions, integration,… Continue Reading

Improvements to Image library

Kicking off 2020 with a cheerful update on the framework Pixels, Pixels everywhere… Happy new year! After a rather unproductive Christmas break, I continued with improving my Image library. I actually rewrote it completely to make the transition easier. Eons ago, when I wanted images, I just quickly read through tutorials and had something working.… Continue Reading

A tier list maker

I love making tier-lists, It’s a form a grading stuff that’s simple and very visual. GUI GUI GUI I very briefly searched online tools to make one. I found a couple that weren’t great in terms of features and output. I just stopped there and didn’t think about it more. But now that I’m in… Continue Reading

Getting more Fonts!

All hail the bitmap I added bitmap fonts earlier to handle writing text in the framework.I’ve used the great CBFG by Codehead, to generate the font data I wanted (.BMP + CSV data).I made a small executable to bundle the font image and the data into one .bitmapfont file (compressed using zlib). The framework was… Continue Reading