13 Sentinels: Aegis RimNot played yet, but very excited about this one, I love Vanillaware
Alien IsolationExcellent rendition of the first Alien movie “feel”, it’s properly terrifying at first, even though it fades towards as you learn to maneuver with the stealth mechanics. The story is good but leaves you wanting a bit more.
.A.O.T. Wings of FreedomIt’s awesome to slash Titans as Mikasa or Levi! The gameplay is nervous and fast, it feels good to move around and attack those ugly giants. It follows the story of the first season of the anime, but it gets repetitive after a while.
Call of Duty: WWIII liked the gameplay and WW2 atmosphere a lot, I get what they tried to do with the campaign and protagonist, but it fell completely flat for me, I’d have liked something less cheesy.
Crossing Souls – DigitalBarely started this game, need to finish it
Days Gone – DigitalNot played yet, started on PS4 but felt it was too sluggish, waiting to play the 60 fps version on PS5
Death Stranding – DigitalNot played yet, started a couple of hours, but the text is too damn small on my TV, I’ll restart it when I get a 4k TV
Degrees of Separation – DigitalGreat! Read the review here
Detroit: Become HumanPlayed like 10 minutes, I will probably start it again later
Dishonored 2Almost finished it, there a re lots of different ways to play that makes the game really interesting. The art direction is very peculiar too, the city of Karnaka is just beautiful.
DoomIt’s fast, it’s brutal, it’s gore. It tends to get repetitive and some weapons seem a bit useless, but other than that, it is super fun to play.
Doom EternalGreat! read the review here
Dragon Ball FighterZI’m not an avid combat game fan, it’s nice to get better at it but I lose interest after a while. Gorgeous game though, gameplay is excellent, would have liked “official” music in it.
Dragon’s Crown ProNot (re)played yet, can’t wait to try on a 4K display.
Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New ChampionsGood, read the review here
Firewatch – DigitalAbsolutely loved it. It has a unique look, endearing characters and a very moving story.
Ghost of Tsushima – DigitalNot played yet, very excited about the 60 fps upgrade
God of War III RemasteredThe pinnacle of the God of War series in my opinion. Kratos has never felt more powerful, you get beautiful environments and spectuclar scenes.
God of WarI liked it a lot. There is a new angle on the character, the narration and progression are quite different, but all of that works very well, and it’s beautiful to look at. The combat has changed too, feels almost more intimate, and axing enemies is awesome. But I think playing with the blades was a let-down, and I absolutely did not care for the armor crafting systems.
Grand Theft Auto VI purposely waited for the PS4 version so I could play the game in first person view, and I was right I think it helps the immersion immensely. As usual with GTA games, it’s very high quality all around.
Gravity Rush RemasteredI didn’t know about the Gravity Rush Vita game, I got this one for free and I was very pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed how unique and quirky it looks and the gameplay is unique, while it’s not always the easiest to deal with, it can be very satisfying. And how not to love Kat?
Gravity Rush 2A great sequel, it improves on a lot of things. The new environments are a delight to fly and fall through, the new gravity powers give more options for traversal and fighting. I liked the story too, it’s not perfect as some content is rather repetitive, but overall I think it’s among the best games on PS4.
GRIS – DigitalMesmerizing, read the review here
Hohokum – DigitalGot a free code for it, tried a few minutes, enough to know it’s not for me
Horizon Zero DawnAt first I thought “oh no not another open world…” But after playing it I was happy to be proven wrong. Turns out hunting robot dinosaurs across a post-post-apocalyptic world with a bow and explosive arrow is just as fun as it sounds. A remarkable achievement by Guerrilla Games.
Hyper Light Drifter – DigitalIt’s bloody hard, but damn it looks and sounds good! I love the lack of text or any kind of explanation of the world or how things work, the combat is very fluid but so nervous, I had a tough time beating the, but it felt very rewarding.
Infamous Second SonPlaying this game I wished I had the previous Infamous games on PS3. It succeeds as making you character feel powerful, and gameplay is diverse with the different powers (although the concrete that you get very late in the games feels oddly underwhelming). The story is not super engaging but it works. The open-world traversal is very fun as well.
Infamous First Light – DigitalA very good standalone companion to Second Son, I like the improvements they made to the Neon gameplay.
Inside – DigitalI’m very very impressed by this game. The unique look, the atmosphere, creepy, horrific and strangely beautiful, the sound design, the smooth animations, the simple but sharp game mechanics, everything is top notch here. I wish I could make something of this quality one day.
Jotun: Valhalla Edition – DigitalGood, read the review here
Journey Collector’s EditionDelighted to have the PS4 enhanced version of Journey (Flower is very nice too). Although the sand looked a bit better on PS3.
Killzone Shadow FallA launch title for the PS4, this entry is Killzone series is not the best, but I think it’s very solid. It looks superb, but I think I felt the shooting lacked a bit of punch compared to Killzone 3. I will definitely replay it on the PS5 for the frame-rate upgrade.
KnackI don’t get the hate for this game. It looks nice and it’s quite fun to play. It is challenging at times but it’s a cool adventure with mostly solid gameplay.
Knack 2An improvement over the first game, especially on the gameplay side of things, it’s great to play in coop. It has cool new things like elemental transformations. I wouldn’t be mad at all if there was a Knack 3.
Lego AvengersGeneric Lego game, moderate amount of fun playing with my girlfriend (#1)
Lego Batman 3: Beyond GothamGeneric Lego game, moderate amount of fun playing with my girlfriend (#2)
Lego Jurassic WorldGeneric Lego game, moderate amount of fun playing with my girlfriend (#3, repetitive isn’t it?)
Lego Marvel SuperheroesGeneric Lego game, moderate amount of fun playing with my girlfriend (#4)
The Lego Movie VideogameGeneric Lego game, moderate amount of fun playing with my girlfriend (#5, last one!)
Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor GOTY Edition – DigitalGood, read the review here
Nier: AutomataVery odd game, but I was drawn by its weird art style and nervous shooting gameplay. I wouldn’t lie and I say I understood everything that was going on, but I played extensively and thoroughly enjoyed it.
No Man’s SkyThis game is a life lesson in itself. For months and months I hyped myself, when it finally arrived I played it extensively but sadly had to come to the conclusion that while I was still admiring a lot of things about it, I didn’t enjoy it like I thought I would. The endless resource management and crafting is something I pretty much despise in games. I’d have preferred a simpler gameplay focusing on space/ground combat. I will try it again now that it has the PS5 upgrade.
Odin Sphere LeifthrasirNot played yet, I’m very excited to enjoy it in full HD and see what improvements this remaster offers.
Ratchet & ClankThe first Ratchet & Clank game I’ve played, and it blew me off. The visuals are very nice, but the gameplay is the major feature here. It’s so smooth and fun, it’s responsive, varied, and almost never frustrating. I absolutely adore the RYNO gun. I’m very excited for the PS5 sequel.
RimeAt first I thought this game was showing its influences a tad much, I couldn’t help it it totally won me over. The third world is not as eye-catching as the others, other than that I think Rime delivers a fantastic adventure, with gorgeous graphics, and a twist I did not see coming.
Rise of the Tomb RaiderWhile it’s still quite good, I was a bit disappointed by this sequel. Specifically the semi-open zones to explore and do tons of quest. I know it’s in the Tomb Raider DNA, but I preferred the action and story sequences .
Shadow of the ColossusAmazing remaster of one of my favorite games. I think BluePoint succeeded in almost every aspect, one obvious blunder is the faces, were way better in the original. If I’m nitpicking I would also say the look and feel of the PS2/PS3 was a bit more mystical. But by and large it’s an superb version of the game.
Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s DaughterI bought this for my girlfriend as she liked the previous Sherlock game a lot. She’s yet to finish it though.
Skyrim Special EditionA much improved version over my PS3 copy, faster load times, various visual improvements and frame-rate is very stable. I wish it was 60 fps though.
Sonic Mania – DigitalProbably the ultimate Sonic game. Looks amazing, runs so smoothly it hurts, music is terrific, a ton of content with cool characters. What more do you want?
Spider-ManThe best Spider-Man game ever, Insomniac did everything right. The web-slinging feels amazing, the combat is fluid and super satisfying, and cherry on top the characters and story are as good as the best Spider-Man movies. Even if some content is repetitive, playing the game is almost never boring. A great achievement.
Spirit of the North – DigitalBought that game for my girlfriend, it looks quite pretty, it’s a fox walking/running simulator.
Star Wars BattlefrontIt looks gorgeous, the shooting gameplay is very fun, but it’s very sad that it’s mostly multiplayer. The previous Battlefront II game on PC was overall a much better game.
Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast – DigitalAn oldie but goldie! I loved playing that game years ago on PC, it’s a great Star Wars story, second sequel to the amazing Dark Forces. It’s still quite fun but sadly the force powers are difficult to use because you can only have one selected.
Tales of BerseriaA good Tales of game. I enjoyed the darker tone of the story, made for a nice change compared to other games. The combat system is fun, but somehow I was a bit disappointed at how difficult it is to unleash the more powerful attacks.
Tales of Vesperia Definitive EditionI bought this game after seeing many heralding it as one of the best Tales games, and how disappointed I was! I don’t like the combat, it feels slow and sluggish, and I thought the story took ages to start and wasn’t very interesting in the end.
Tales of Zestiria – DigitalMy favorite Tales Of game after Symphonia! I like most characters, the story is rather basic but it works well, and my favorite thing about it is the combat system. It really ramps up and with fusions your character becomes super powerful and even the wonky camera cannot spoil the fun.
Terminator ResistanceVery good, read the review here
The Last GuardianAs usual with Team Ico games, they might not be perfect (this one probably more than the others), but damn do they hit you hard. I really loved this game, I was invested in the story and was mesmerized by the environments. It made it on my favorite games list pretty quickly!
The Last of Us RemasteredPlaying a great game in 60 fps means twice the fun! It’s a great improvement over the PS3 version, and it also includes the DLC.
The Last of Us Part III know all about it but haven’t played it yet. For sure I don’t like the direction of the story, but I will play it for the other numerous qualities it has.
The Order: 1886Not a lot to say about this, it looks very good, but I barely remember having any fun while playing. I knew people criticized it for being too short, I don’t care much about that, but the problem was the time I spent playing wasn’t memorable.
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter – DigitalOne of the best story-driven walking simulators. It’s beautiful, and the story is surprising and very moving.
The Witcher III: Wild Hunt GOTY EditionPlayed a few hours and was liking it, but now am waiting for the free PS5 upgrade.
The Witness – DigitalVery impressed by this, it’s unique and rather ingenious, and I love the graphics. I bought this for my girlfriend, and she likes it a lot, but I’m afraid I’m not into puzzles so I won’t play it.
Towerfall Acension – DigitalThe amount of fun you can get out of this game is nothing short of astonishing! Simple but oh-so-effective gameplay, nice graphics, one of the very few multiplayer games I spent countless hours playing.
Uncharted The Nathan Drake CollectionI totally skipped Uncharted on the PS3, and thankfully I got collection this for free. The first game is very fun but the second one is where it’s at. Great fun playing and looking very good games. Unfortunately I had qualms with the third episode, the action was still great but the gunfights lacked the punch of the previous game. Still tremendous fun!
Uncharted 4 A Thief’s EndThe very best of Uncharted! Simply gorgeous, the gameplay is so smooth and fun, especially adding the grappling hook. I was also surprised to engage with the story and the characters much more than with previous games. One of the very best PS4 games for sure.
Uncharted The Lost LegacyA bit of a step-down compared to the previous game, Chloe and Nadine are entertaining but they’re not Nathan, and the story is not as deep or interesting. Still super high production value though.
WatchdogsGot this game in my PS4 bundle, I played a few hours but got distracted. I hope to start it again one day as it looked quite fun.

PS Plus

ApotheonGot this one at a time when I was getting most PS Plus free games, tried a few minutes, I liked the aesthetic but I wasn’t into the gameplay really.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign RemasteredStill very good in my opinion, it’s nice to play it on a PS4 with slightly better graphics (which were already great on PS3).
Conan ExilesI love the first Conan movie so I thought maybe someday I’ll play this, but with my ever-expanding backlog of games I doubt this one will ever play on my console.
Concrete GenieGot this for my fiancee
BioShock: The CollectionI’m interested in seeing those games running better on the newer generations, I had fun on PS3 but the performance wasn’t great.
BloodborneAnother game of which I had the disc for free but sold after trying it and not feeling it. Now I know how much people love it, and I might try it if I like Demon’s Souls on PS5
Darksiders II Deathfinitive EditionI probably played an hour or even more, and I thought yeah this is nice, but then I realized I had no desire to keep playing.
Dust: An Elysian TailGreat game! Really cool visuals and a fun side scrolling combat gameplay.
Everybody’s Gone To The RaptureGot it because it was free, I’m not sure I will ever finish it but it looks very nice so I’ll probably just start it eventually to see if I like it.
FEZVery intriguing. Lovely mix of 2D and 3D and how cute are the characters. Nice music as well
GauntletPlayed for a while, looks like it’s quite solid but it’s not my thing really. I guess it shines if you can play with 3 other players.
Gone Home: Console EditionA good walking-simulator, with very good voice acting to tell its story.
Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate EditionI suck at combat games. The story is actually a very good idea for a game such as this, it’s fun to pit DC heroes and villains against each other.
Just Cause 4Not played yet, I never played a Just Cause so I don’t know if I will like it or not
LIMBOVery impressive game. Minimalist gameplay, monochromatic visuals, scary and eerie atmosphere, make for a terrific combination.
Magicka 2Similar to Gauntlet, I played some of it, but it’s not my kind of game, so I can’t say much.
Middle-Earth: Shadow of WarI started it and liked it enough to stop it and buy Shadow of Mordor, so I could finish it before restarting this one.
Need for Speed: PaybackGot this for me girlfriend if she ever wants to play. I have zero interest in it.
Oddworld: New’n’TastyThe design of Abe and other creatures just creeps me out. It’s probably very good, but I can’t play it.
Race The SunInteresting visuals, but after playing 10 minutes I knew I had no interest at all.
Resident Evil VIIIt’s been a while since I played a Resident Evil (last one was 5 on PS3), I wonder if I will like it.
Rocket LeagueAh, such fun with this. A simple concept, but it’s just amazingly done
Shadow of the Tomb RaiderI was planning on buying it eventually to own the trilogy, but I guess getting it for free is good too. Despite enjoying the second game less, this is on my todo list.
SpelunkyTried a few minutes, but it’s as for others it’s not my kind of game.
Super Time Force UltraI started the game and had a good time with it, it’s very well-made, but I just didn’t like it enough to continue, with so many other games I want to play.
Titan SoulsI think I managed to kill the first Titan, I think it’s most likely a very good game, but it didn’t click for me.
The SwapperOne of the “smaller” games I actually wish I had on disc (and paid for it). It has a unique look, an oppressive atmosphere, and great puzzle mechanics. A gem.
Titanfall 2I had so much fun with this. Yes the story and characters are quite thin, but it’s enough. Because the real treasure is when you play, running and jumping around, shooting and and kicking and sliding. It’s so smooth and gratifying.
Trine 2: Complete StoryI see the good craftsmanship on this game, the look, the gameplay. I finished it becasue we played with my girlfriend, and I can see why people would love it, it’s just not my thing I suppose.
Tropico 5Simulation games on console is a nah… I’m sure the game is fun, but I just can’t play it.
Until DawnI did get the disc version for free before but sold it. Now that it runs much better on PS5 I will probably try it later on
VampyrOnly played a few minutes, it seems like a good game, I’m not sure if I will ever pick it up again but maybe.
What Remains of Edit FinchAn interesting semi-walking-simulator, I liked visiting this quirky house learning about the Finch family, I enjoyed the rather sad and dark tone.
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