James Cameron’s Avatar: The GameA good third-person shooter, the story differs (a good idea) from the movie, it’s not very exciting but the gameplay is compelling, more so if you side with the humans, the guns are really fun.
Beyond Two SoulsSome terrific graphics on display here. The story is interesting but I can’t help but be annoyed not being able (or willing, rather…) to see all different paths in the game.
BioShock Ultimate Rapture EditionBioShock is a scary FPS with cool combat mechanics, the underwater city is very nice. I liked it but wasn’t fully absorbed in the story. I actually never completed BioShock 2
BraveOnly my girlfriend played it, it looked okay.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2My first Call of Duty game. I like the campaign, the fast paced action, and the huge environments. For some reason though I seem to be quite terrible at it, worse so than in other FPS console games.
Dante’s InfernoA surprisingly decent clone of God of War. It never reaches the heights of Santa Monica Studio’s licence but the gameplay is very fun and the overall tone of the game is properly creepy.
Dead SpaceNow that’s a home-run of a game. Stunning visual and sound design, an exceptional atmosphere and it’s properly terrifying at times. It’s of course heavily influenced by sci-fiction horror movies, among other things, but manage to be its own thing exceptionally well.
Dead Space 2Very good sequel, it improves on a lot of things compared to the first one. My only regret is the ending sequence that really fails to compete with the previous episode.
Disgaea 3: Absence of JusticeI bought this but never played more than an hour I think. It looks cool and I’m assuming it’s fun, but the turn-based gameplay is probably not my thing.
Dragon Ball: Raging BlastIt’s a PS3 version of Budokai Tenkaichi PS2 games, with a tiny roster and mild visual improvements. It’s rather disappointing.
Dragon’s CrownBy the makers of the fabulous Odin Sphere, this game doesn’t really have a story and is a proper multiplayer fighting game. Not sure I ever saw the ending but it’s very fun to play, and a feast for the eyes.
Eternal SonataThis game is quite the looker, and has interesting ideas mixing musical elements into the world and the combat system, but it’s extremely slow at times, and becomes very frustrating to play.
Far Cry 3A fun shooter in a paradise land. A bit repetitive and the second part of the story is not as engaging as the first, but it’s a very cool experience roaming the jungle killing things.
Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon –DigitalA short adventure made with Far Cary 3’s engine, with awesome 80’s reference. The weapons are wicked fun, Michael Biehn is great, and that final action sequence is just nuts.
God of War CollectionThe first two games in the God of War franchise, in HD and glorious 60 fps. The second game is a major improvement but it’s cool to revisit the first one too.
God of War Collection Volume IIThe PS4 port of the PSP titles. I was a bit worried they would be sub-par versions of the PS2 games, but they are tremendous fun even with lesser graphics and fewer combat moves.
God of War IIIIn my opinion the peak of God of War games. The scale of it is breathtaking, an opening sequence that I will remember forever, an epic and brutal tale of revenge.
God of War AscensionThe one game in God of Ware series that disappointed me, the combat differs a lot from the previous one, and that distracted me from enjoying the experience. Although the rest of it is very well made and retains the epic feeling of the series.
Grand Theft Auto IVGTA games are always top notch. Although I didn’t enjoy it as much as the previous generation (GTA III, Vice City, San Andreas)
Grand Turismo 5 PrologueTried it for like an hour, but I can’t judge if it’s good or bad, I have zero interest in that sort of game.
ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Classics HDExcellent HD remasters of two of my favorite games. What more to ask? Wish I had a 3D TV to play them too.
Journey Collector’s EditionWhat more to say about Journey? It’s great, it’s beautiful, even if it’s not much of a “game” game. I wasn’t much into Flow but Flower is lovely too.
Just Dance 4Definitely not my kind of thing, bought that for my girlfriend, and even her didn’t play it for long.
Killzone 2Killzone 2 looks amazing, has a great story and the gameplay is intense. Sadly I bought the french only version so that stings a little. Shooting at enemies can be a little tough especially with some weapons, but overall it’s a great experience.
Killzone 3The sequel is great because it changes a bunch of things, shooting is much more straightforward, so that means combat is more nervous, but losing the “weightiness” that helped the immersion of the previous one. I liked the different environments and the jetpack sequences.
The Last of UsThe first Naughty Dog game I played. It’s an intense, dark and brutal story, beautiful graphics. I’m usually not a fan of stealth gameplay but it’s very well done in the game.
Lego BatmanLego games aren’t that great, and this one is difficult to play now, the camera is not helping.
Lego Batman 2 DC SuperheroesAn improvement over the previous one but the story bored me, I don’t like Brainiac.
Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4Thanks to the different magical powers, the gameplay with LEGOs works really well.
Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7Same as the previous one, probably my favorite LEGO games
Lego The Lord of the RingsGeneric LEGO game, It can be fun but you’ll get sick of the music after hearing it for hours and hours.
Lego Pirates of the CarribeanGeneric LEGO game, but maybe I got less bored than watching the second and third movies.
Lost Planet 2It has a weird structure, you can’t really tell what’s going on at times, but the combat mechanics are really fun, and it has some huge bosses too.
Medieval MovesBought this to play with the PlayStation camera, and it’s unfortunately not great. It was hard to do anything, so I did not push through the first levels.
The Orange BoxThe first Portal is a masterpiece, and even though the performance isn’t great, Half Life 2 is amazing as well. I didn’t play Team Fortress 2, just wasn’t interested.
Portal 2Expands on the first Portal, the scale of the game is just mind-blowing. Additions to the gameplay, especially the gels, are always well thought out and very fun.
Racket SportsI thought I was getting an equivalent to WiiSports, unfortunately it’s far from being as fun.
Red Dead RedemptionGTA in the old west. It’s a superb game, huge open world and good gameplay. Unfortunately I never took the time to finish the main story.
Resident Evil 5Quite a departure from Resident Evil 4, the setting changes dramatically. It’s not as brilliant, but I think it’s a really fun game.
Resistance: Fall of ManI played this after the second one, and it’s much harder. It’s a bit weird not being able to jump, but the guns are nice and there is an oppressive atmosphere all the way.
Resistance 2I know people dislike console FPS but I’m very fond of them, it’s not about the precision but the immersion, this game has beautiful scenery and huge boss battles in different environments. It may have some defaults but all-out war moments fighting the chimera are great to play through!
SEGA MegaDrive Ultimate CollectionA cool collection of Retro Games. I haven’t tried them all, but having the 3 Golden Axes, Streets of Rage and Sonic is pretty nice already.
The Elder Scrolls V: SkyrimA humongous adventure game, even though it was buggy as hell and the framerate was atrocious, I spent hours and hours on it. Never managed to complete the main story though.
SorceryA really good game taking advantage of the PS Move. The gameplay is nervous, the graphics look good and there’s a decent fantasy story. My Girlfriend played it but she really liked it.
South Park The Stick of TruthI started the game and had a lot of fun, it really seems like playing an interactive South Park episode. Unfortunately the load times are very long, I never forced myself to finish it, maybe I’ll get it on PS4 someday.
Spider-Man 3Atrocious sequel to Spider-Man 2. It’s ugly, buggy, the controls don’t feel nice (especially combat).
Spider-Man: Web of ShadowsYes I know this game is glitchy as hell, the sound mix is awful sometimes, the story is paper thin, but man is the combat gameplay awesome, and the web-swinging is quite good too.
The Amazing Spider-ManThat is one bland Spider-Man game, web-swinging is pretty but doesn’t make you feel anything while playing, the combat is boring and the story is also a doozy, like the movie itself.
Star Wars: The Force UnleashedPretty good Star Wars game, the first one I got in years. I don’t particularly like the story or protagonists, but the game is very fun to play, you are very powerful, kicking all kinds of butt.
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed IIFamously short game, the combat mechanics lose a lot of depth compared to the first one, even though they still are pretty fun because your character is completely over-powered. The story is not engaging at all, I think the main reason for me to play is tearing through stormtroopers on Kamino.
Tales of Symphonia ChroniclesAn HD remaster of one of my favorite games! Despite the lack of the glorious 60 fps that was in the GameCube version, this one has Japanese voices, original openings, and the sequel (albeit that one is far from reaching the excellence of the first Tales of Symphonia).
Tomb RaiderThe first Tomb Raider game I have played. A dark story, great exotic setting, and a solid gameplay. I really enjoyed it.
Tron: EvolutionA nice companion to Tron Legacy, far from perfect but fun to hop around and fight with a disc.

PS Plus

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and PunishmentsMy girlfriend played it, she thinks it’s pretty good. It certainly looks like it has interesting game mechanics.
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