In this page you’ll find posts about the music I listen to. It’s only positive stuff, as I can’t bear the thought of talking about music I don’t like or listen to.

Musical posts

  • I love Ollie Wride… Did I tell you I loved Ollie Wride?
    I’m a terrible fan-boy who compliments too much I have been listening over and over to this video, with two of my favorite Ollie songs back to back. It’s great when the live versions are as good if not better, (well they’re different in a good way?) than the recorded versions.Stranger Love was an immediate […]
  • Geyster, 15 years of love
    A tribute to one of my favorite artists, enjoying the music for almost half my life. A long long time ago it was… Behind Geyster is Gael Benyamin, french musician, singer, songwriter, producer, plays a gazillion instruments, and so on… I first heard of Geyster as a teenager, while listening to Fun Radio in France, […]
  • Let Em Riot: The Futurist (2018)
    A praise of Let Em Riot’s debut album, a remarkable SynthWave effort that will leave you wanting more. He’s a Riot I first became acquainted with Let Em Riot’s music a few years ago, with Don’t Stop Running.I was stunned while listening. It captured perfectly the kind of reflective sadness that touches my soul. I […]
  • Ollie Wride: Thanks in advance (2019)
    English singer Ollie Wride presents a wonderful first solo album, synthwave at its best. Belated Thanks What a singer! I heard him first on FM-84‘s song Running in the Night. To me the mark of great singers comes along with the listener’s ability to recognize their voice instantly because they’re unique. Ollie Wride is definitely […]
  • Electric Youth: Memory Emotion (2019)
    A great second album by Canadian synth-pop band Electric Youth. New emotions in memory Like almost everybody, I discovered Electric Youth (Austin Garrick & Bronwyn Griffin 😍) with their sublime song A Real Hero, featuring in the also sublime movie Drive (2011, by Nicolas Winding Refn). I really liked the Innerworld album, they are now […]