This page lists the posts I write about movies and cinema. It will feature lists, reviews, rants, love letters etc.

Film posts

  • Movie review: The Aviator
    The Aviator Martin Scorcese (2004) I remember watching this movie in the theater when it came out. It was quite different than anything I had seen before, I didn’t expect to see a movie like this and it turned out I was really fascinated by it. The Aviator portrays part of the life of aviation […]
  • Movie review: Le Grand Restaurant
    Le Grand Restaurant Jacques Besnard (1966) Still in my De Funes phase, I’ve re-watched a movie I haven’t seen many times (for a reason). Septime, head of a high-end restaurant in Paris, gets in a lot of trouble when the president of a foreign country is kidnapped during dinner. The Bad: The story is not […]
  • Movie review: RoboCop
    RoboCop Paul Verhoeven (1987) Sometimes I don’t understand my own behavior. I’m very much a proponent of auteur theory, if I like an artist I tend to try and look at most of their production. I have liked each Paul Verhoven movies I’ve seen (yes, even Show Girls). Some of them are among my favorites. […]
  • Movie review: L’Aile ou la Cuisse
    L’Aile ou la Cuisse Claude Zidi (1976) My current obsession for Louis de Funes continues with another movie I have seen a lot of times when I was young. Watching it again after a few years I was again pleasantly surprised. Charles Duchemin, editor of a prestigious culinary guide, is near retirement, and wants his […]
  • Movie review: Le Gendarme et les Gendarmettes
    Le Gendarme et les Gendarmettes Jean Girault (1982) Three years after the worst episode in the series, France’s favorite gendarme is back for a final movie. I hadn’t seen it in a long time, and I feared this one would follow in the footsteps of its predecessor, fortunately for me I was pleasantly surprised. Four […]
  • Movie review: Ivanhoe
    Ivanhoe Richard Thorpe (1952) This is one of my childhood movies. It filled me with a sense of wonder, gave me a love for medieval adventures, that lasts to this day. So forget all objectivity here (even more than usual). Returning from the Crusades, England king Richard the Lionheart is held captive in Austria, and […]
  • Movie review: Le Gendarme et les Extra-terrestres
    Le Gendarme et les Extra-terrestres Jean Girault (1979) Nearly a decade after the previous episode, most of the team returns for a movie that really stands out from the rest, but not in a good way… The brigade of St-Tropez encounters beings from another planet. Ludovic Cruchot is soon hunted by his own comrades while […]
  • Movie review: Alien: Covenant
    Alien: Covenant Ridley Scott (2017) A lot of people criticized Prometheus for its lacks of ties with the original Alien movie. Ridley Scott returns once again to direct the sequel and continue the story. Some hoped he would finally “fix the errors” of the previous film, and make a truly worthy prequel to Alien. They […]
  • Movie review: Prometheus
    Prometheus Ridley Scott (2012) It’s a very common thing with people my age: I’ve been a huge fan of the Alien saga since I was a child (even though now I’m thinking maybe no kid should see those movies?). Like many, I was expecting a lot from this movie, with Ridley Scott returning to direct […]
  • Movie review: Mission to Mars
    Mission to Mars Brian de Palma (2000) I remember seeing this movie in the cinema when it came out, I was very young, and I don’t remember watching it again many times after that. Mars is always a great setting for a science fiction movie. It has that aura around it, so far and mysterious […]
  • Movie review: Gladiator
    Gladiator Ridley Scott (2000) I remember very well seeing this movie for the first time. I went in with other kids from my school. There was an annoying one that had an interest in history and would make unrequited comments during the projection, and someone rightfully asked him to shut up. I liked it so […]
  • Movie review: Monty Python and the Holy Grail
    Monty Python and the Holy Grail Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones (1975) I knew of Monty Python long before seeing any of their material, but I had to reach a certain level of English to “get” them, so I came to it fairly late. King Arthur travels the realm searching for companions to join the Knights […]
  • Movie review: Le Gendarme en balade
    Le Gendarme en balade Jean Girault (1970) This is probably the episode I’ve seen the most. I used to know the dialog by heart (not anymore haha), it was great to watch it again after several years. Forced into retirement, the brigade of St-Tropez has trouble adjusting to civilian life. When one of their own […]
  • Movie review: Two Brothers
    Two Brothers Jean-Jacques Annaud (2004) I like tigers a lot (who doesn’t?), so I didn’t put much of a fight when my girlfriend suggested we watch this movie. In early 20th century Cambodia, renowned hunter Aidan McRory comes accross a tiger family in the jungle. The two cubs live but are separated, until fate reunites […]
  • Movie review: Ender’s Game
    Ender’s Game Gavin Hood (2013) I missed Ender’s Game when it came out in 2013, and saw it was pretty much panned by critics and ignored by audiences. Yet again, I find myself completely out of phase with the general opinion. Fifty years after a foiled invasion of Earth by an insectoid alien race known […]
  • Movie review: Le Gendarme se marie
    Le Gendarme se marie Jean Girault (1968) We continue our viewing of the classic French comedy series. I enjoyed the first two episodes, but I knew the best was to come. In this third episode, Gendarme Cruchot meets Josepha, a charming widow. His daugther worries about this new relationship. The Bad: The pacing slows down […]
  • Movie review: Peau d’Ane
    Peau D’Ane Jacques Demy (1970) I feel like I’ve known this movie all my life. but watching it recently I was able to really appreciate how much of a classic it is. Jacques Demy adapts Charles Perrault’s fairy tale, where a widowed King plans to marry his daughter. With the help of her fairy godmother, […]
  • Movie review: Ridicule
    Ridicule Patrice Leconte (1996) I like a good period movie. Especially for those set in pre-revolutionary France, there really is no comparison between popular american attempts (most are just horrendous) and a movie like this. France in the 18th century, Baron and engineer Gregoire De Malavoy travels to Versailles in hopes of improving the poor […]
  • Movie review: Shazam!
    Shazam! David F.Sandberg (2019) At first I was an avid enthusiast of comic book movies. Then came along the Marvel/DC war, the many (many) movies released over the years, the endless fan debates, a whole lot of things that could make me hate the genre entirely. It’s not the case, but I’m very picky now. […]
  • Movie review: Blackhat
    Blackhat Michael Mann (2015) I like some of Mann’s movies more than others, but apart from one (Public Enemies) that I really didn’t get, I was always impressed by how classy they look. After a hacker causes an accident in a nuclear plant, a joint US/Chinese team is tasked to stop him. They recruit Nick […]
  • Movie review: Footloose
    Footloose Herbert Ross (1984) I like american movies from the 1980’s. They have a special atmosphere to them, a form of optimism that completely disappeared later on. Again I knew of the song Footloose years before watching the film. Teenager Ren McCormack moves in a small town that has banned dancing. Between making new friends, […]
  • Movie review: Flashdance
    Flashdance Adrian Lyne (1983) Probably one of those movies more known for their soundtrack than for themselves, I knew of What of feeling a good decade before finally seeing it. Alex Owens is a young welder that dreams of becoming a professional dancer. Working by day, dancing by night, she then meets someone that might […]
  • Movie review: Memento
    Memento Christopher Nolan (2000) Memento is a movie I bought on DVD without knowing much about it, at a time when I wanted to just see new things. And what a slap in the face it was! Leonard Shelby has a memory condition, he can’t form new memories. He is on a quest to find […]
  • Movie review: Interstellar
    Interstellar Christopher Nolan (2014) Science-fiction is probably my favorite genre in films. At the time I liked movies made by Christopher Nolan (some more than others), the last non-Batman one being Inception which I was very impressed by. So naturally I went in the theater expecting to be blown away. And well… The Good: Visually […]
  • Movie review: Ad Astra
    Ad Astra James Gray (2019) Reading this blog it would become evident that I have a thing for movies involving space and/or science fiction. This one joins the long line of movies that I stupidly didn’t see on a big screen. How wrong I was… As a series of power surges are threatening life in […]
  • Movie review: The Prestige
    The Prestige Christopher Nolan (2020) Stuck in Christopher’s Nolan filmography between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, I think this movie deserves more recognition. At the end of the 19th Century, two magicians battle each other to present the most spectacular tricks, the duel inevitably spirals down the darkest depths of human nature. The Bad: […]
  • Movie review: Troy
    Troy Wolfgang Petersen (2004) I’m expecting this to be controversial. I genuinely don’t understand why this movie seems to be almost universally hated. In this star-studded Hollywood adaptation of The Illiad, the great hero Achilles and the Greeks go to war with the nation of Troy, defended by the honorable prince Hector. An unfortunate chain […]
  • Movie review: Le Gendarme a New-York
    Le Gendarme a New-York Jean Girault (1965) Growing up, for some reason our parents never showed us this particular episode in the Gendarme series, but we’d seen the rest of them many many times. After watching it a couple of times as an adult, I see why… The Brigade of St-Tropez is chosen to represent […]
  • Movie review: The Nice Guys
    The Nice Guys Shane Black (2016) I didn’t see The Nice Guys in the theater when it came out. I was aware of it, but for some reason I didn’t make the link with another Shane Black movie that I really like (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang). I really missed out. Los Angeles, 1977. Muscle-for-hire Jackson […]
  • Movie review: Le Gendarme de Saint-Tropez
    Le gendarme de Saint-Tropez Jean Girault (1962) The French cinema I was raised on mostly consists of popular comedies made between 1960 and 1990. I certainly have missed out on a lot of good movies, but fortunately for me a lot of these comedies are really good! In Louis de Funes’ most famous role, we […]
  • Movie review: In Search of the Castaways
    In Search of the Castaways Robert Stevenson (1962) Yet another movie I’ve seen too many times to count. In this second Jules Verne adaptation by Disney, this movie moves from the grim tone of 20 000 leagues Under the Sea for a much more light-hearted, family-fun story about two kids travelling the world in search […]
  • Movie review: 20 000 Leagues Under the Sea
    20 000 Leagues Under the Sea Richard Fleischer (1954) This is a classic, I’m not sure how many times I’ve seen it since I was a kid. Disney adapts one of the most famous Jules Verne novels, following the adventures of Professor Arronax, his assistant Conseil and outlandish harpooner Ned Land, encountering the mysterious Captain […]
  • Movie review: That Darn Cat!
    That Darn Cat! Robert Stevenson (1965) We’ve been watching some old Disney movies lately, I think we chose this one just because of the cat. A bank teller is kidnapped by two thugs. Her only hope is a moody Siamese cat, helped by two sisters and a FBI agent. The Bad: The pacing is a […]
  • Movie review: First Man
    First Man Damien Chazelle (2018) I was enchanted by La La Land, Ryan Gosling is one of my favorite actors, space travel is an existential obsessions of mine. So naturally I was very optimistic. Was I right? First man focuses on a few years of the life of astronaut Neil Armstrong, leading up to him […]
  • Movie review: The Fifth Element
    The Fifth Element Luc Besson (2020) Evil threatens life in the universe. In the 23rd century, it’s up to a cab driver and a perfect being to save the world. The Bad: Some CG is dated, but only a few shots The Good: Visually unique, great casting and performances, atmospheric music, very funny, an oddball […]
  • Movie review: Begin Again
    Begin Again John Carney (2013) I absolutely adore John Carney’s Sing Street, and my girlfriend recommended this one. It tells the story of a washed-up record label executive, teaming up with a young English singer who just broke up with her famous pop-star boyfriend, in a attempt to make a new record and take back […]
  • Movie review: Jeanne
    Jeanne Bruno Dumont (2018) A french youtuber I follow (has the BEST name for a Youtube channel…) recommended this movie. It looked odd, different, but he gave very convincing arguments so I was intrigued. He was right! The movie adapts the writings of Charles Peguy and focuses on Joan of Arc’s trial. The Bad: The […]
  • Documentary review: Queen, Days of our lives
    Queen, Days of our lives Matt O’Casey (2011) Pissed off after watching Rami Malek cosplaying Freddie Mercury in the horrendous Bohemian Rhapsody, I needed to see something about Queen that would rightfully capture their greatness. The Bad: Because there is so much to tell, things go fast, maybe too fast, many times I would have […]
  • Movie review: Bohemian Rhapsody
    Bohemian Rhapsody Bryan Singer / Dexter Fletcher (2020) I’m not against biopics in principle. When I heard one was made on Freddie Mercury, I was highly skeptical, maybe because I like Queen’s music a lot. I would have loved to be proven wrong. The movie focuses on the life of Freddie Mercury, starting the band […]
  • Comedy galore: Once upon a time… in Hollywood, A rainy day in New-York & others
    After some weeks of inactivity due to illness and being lazy, I come back talking about four movies this time! What’s your number? – Mark Mylod (2011) I like movie genres. While it’s definitely not all there is, a genre has benefits.Having usually a set rules to follow, those rules can either be broken, played […]
  • Double take: The Martian (2015) and Enemy Mine (1985)
    A return of the double-take format, this time with a science fiction bonanza, a modern-realistic-slick-flick and an 80’s hidden gem. The Martian (2015) – Ridley Scott Missed it! It happened again. The year is 2015. I like going to the cinema. Ridley Scott is among of my favorite directors. I like science-fiction. I like Mars.I […]
  • Mary and the Witch’s Flower (2017) – Hiromasa Yonebayashi
    High praise for an incredible animation movie about a young girl, a broomstick, cats, flowers, and what else? Ah yes Magic! Ignorance is Bliss Sometimes I find my own behaviour very weird and inconsistent. I absolutely adore Studio Ghibli‘s work. I own almost all movies directed by Hayao Miyazaki.So I should have been aware of […]
  • Robin Hood (1973)
    Once again watching this classic take on Robin’s hood legend. The phony king of England I’m probably super biased on this one. I have seen it countless times when I was a kid.Nonetheless it’s still a great time watching it now. I like the songs, the animation is top notch. The visual storytelling is very […]
  • Star Trek: The Final Frontier (1989)
    They finally went too far out there. This could have well been the last voyage of the Enterprise. The boat didn’t go gently down the stream Okay, okay… What happened? I don’t know what to make of this movie.It’s really different from the previous installments. William Shatner (whom I dearly love) is directing, and I […]
  • Double take: The Polar Express (2004) and The 7th Voyage of Sinbad (1958)
    New double take this week, a gorgeous Christmas movie and a classic Technicolor adventure. The Polar Express – All aboaaaaaard Christmas is the worst I was coerced into watching this movie by my girlfriend. Now being somewhat of a grown up, Christmas has become a source of anxiety, the magic has gone.The need to buy […]
  • Double-take: Minority Report (2002) and Ghost (1990)
    Here I give my opinion about two movies I’ve watched last week, with one of the best science-fiction/action movies ever and a good surprise cheesy classic. Everybody runs… (but no one does it better than Tom) This is probably my favorite Spielberg movie… The story is great, taking its time to setup the characters, their […]
  • Tier list: Planet of the Apes saga
    A look at one of the best science-fiction sagas of the 60’s / 70’s. The re-reboot Yes I know I didn’t put the newest trilogy of Planet of the Apes on this. For two reasons: I haven’t seen them I don’t care When did it start? I can’t remember when I saw any of those […]
  • Star Trek: The Voyage Home (1986)
    One of the best Star Trek movies, and there are no real villains! A great example of doing good without a classic structure, and taking some chances. We’re looking for the Whales In the third episode of the “Genesis” trilogy, the premise is definitely the most silly of all star trek movies: A space probe […]
  • Star Trek: The Search for Spock (1984)
    Spock is dead. Well just his body, his mind is in McCoy’s head. No wait his body is available too? Let’s go get him! Our heroes come back in a third movie, the middle episode of the three part story arc started with Wrath of Khan.A notable change, Leonard Nimoy is now director. The story […]
  • Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan (1982)
    Star Trek is flexing its muscles, and this time it’s war! The second movie in the franchise. Many consider it the best one. It’s definitely one of my favorites.A major step-up compared to the previous entry. An old enemy The story flows very well, not dragging its feet, getting you from one point to the […]
  • Wonderful Carl Weathers
    A praise of american actor Carl Weathers, his best roles and his great mustache. Apollo’s Creed There are actors who will catch your attention once, then forever keep a special place in your heart, even if you’ve seen them only in a handful of roles. I feel that way about Carl Weathers. The first performance […]
  • Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979)
    The sci-fi series finally gets its first motion picture. Join Kirk and Spock in a space adventure that will challenge your sleep resistance. Energize! Thank you Jay Jay I didn’t get into Star Trek until the 2009 reboot by J.J. Abrams (which I will probably talk about later). I always was a Star Wars guy, […]