Baten KaitosA great RPG, with superb graphics and an engaging story. I liked the card combat system but it was quite slow at time.
Baten Kaitos OriginsOne of my favorite games, the sequel (but really prequel) to Baten Kaitos is an improvement in every aspect.
The combat is much more nervous and fluid, and the story is phenomenal (and what about that OST, Le Ali del Principio 😍)
Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2I know people love these games, but the combat system is really not my thing. I just bought it to play as Goku SSJ3 and even that was disappointing.
International Superstar Soccer 2Decent football game, I had fun with it, especially with the custom teams and players, but I sold my copy of FIFA 2004 to get this one, and in hindsight what a mistake that was…
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind WakerIt was probably the third Zelda game I played after the two Oracle on GameBoy Color. I had tremendous fun with it, the graphics and the gameplay are really good.
And it also came with Ocarina of Time, which I actually didn’t like that much, N64 graphics were just too ugly for me…
The Lord of the Rings: Return of the KingSuch a fun game if you’re a fan of the movies. I wish I also bought the Two Towers game, which had moments from the first film like the mines of Moria. I spent many hours unlocking everything for all characters.
Resident Evil 4What a game! Top-notch graphics and visual design, combined with nerve-racking action and gameplay. Some enemies are so damn scary, the monks, the blind berserker, the chainsaw guys, and those awful spiky Regenerators… A classic!
Spider-ManI saw the Spider-Man movie many times when it came out, therefore I was delighted to be able to fight the Green Goblin and other random goons. While the game is not great, I love the fight sequences at night in the middle of buildings.
Spider-Man 2A free-roaming Spider-Man game… I was so excited for this, and I ended up spending countless hours web-swinging through the city.
The combat is not as fun as the traversal mechanics, the movie is loosely followed, but at the time it was the closest we could get to a Spider-Man GTA, and I had a blast with it.
Star Wars: Rogue LeaderAvid fan of Star Wars and of the previous spaceship combat games (X-Wing series, Rogue Squadron), I wanted a GameCube just to play this game.
The graphics were unreal for that time (still look great today!) and the gameplay is solid.
Some missions are not as interesting, but damn those iconic moments from the films are fun!
Star Wars: Rebel StrikeNot as impactful as the previous one, the phases on foot aren’t nearly as effective as the space combat. But good game nonetheless.
Soul Calibur IIOne of my first combat games, I can’t say I’m a fan of the genre but that game is very well-made. I had a few favorite character to play with, and the addition of Link was a very nice touch, as I played mostly with him.
Tales of SymphoniaAnother favorite. I adore this game, the gameplay is fast and fun in combat, I felt invested in the story and characters (even if it’s cheesy, it’s rather heroic and epic) and the graphics are super cute. My favorite Tales of game with Zestiria.
Ultimate Spider-ManA good spider-man game with cool cell-shading graphics, I wasn’t too fond of the combat gameplay, but it is quite cool to roam the city as Venom (and be able to eat those damn kids with their balloon!)

The Lost Ones

FIFA 2004My first and last FIFA game, still from a time where football games were not as boring as real football. I had a lot of fun with it, playing with my favorite players from France team, but it was lacking customization mechanics, and I made the mistake of reselling it.
True Crime: Streets of L.A.I could not get my hands on Grand Theft Auto, so I was happy to get this game. It was not great but the gameplay was quite fun. I stupidly sold it
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