C Code joy: the image library

I have transferred my C++ image library to C. Fortunately that wasn’t too hard, and I’ve been able to make many improvements along the way. After the porting to C it’s cleaner, way more modular, I love it. Features supported image formats: bitmap (.BMP) JPEG PNG GIF (some cases not handled like interlaced data) supported… Continue Reading

What’s up? Doc!

Progress update on the documentation generator I’ve made a lot of progress on the code documentation tool. I took a lot of inspiration stole from Eskil Steenberg’s website gamepipeline.org. On “stealing” things On this subject, whenever I see something cool from another developer online, especially someone with more skill and experience, I try to analyze… Continue Reading

Do you C?

The confinement has taken its toll on me. I’m dropping C++ in favor of C. I wonder if the the virus got to my brain instead of my lungs? A week ago I decided to port all my C++ code to C. I still like C++ it a lot, I’m using it all the time… Continue Reading