Some details about myself.

The three stages of life…

I’m a 30-something individual, I was in born in France. I now live in beautiful Ireland.

Why this site

I like to write about things I enjoy. I probably will write about the things I like to hate as well, but that’s not very enjoyable.
I tend to obsess over the same kind of content over and over again, so there might be a certain lack of diversity.

My writings are not meant to be incredibly well-informed, I am an amateur, if I was a genius or an expert I wouldn’t be writing blog posts, I’d actually do something useful…

The main reasons for making this:

  • it’s my site and I do what I want!
  • writing is a good exercise and I would like to get better at it
  • I want to keep a record of what I read, see, watch, and play. For myself and for others, and be able to reflect on it
  • I like reading this particular type of content
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