Programming Log 2022 #1: Starfield


  • Support for Linux platform in the toolchain
    • using cmake, CodeBlocks with Unix Makefiles, on Ubuntu VM
  • Support for Android platform in the toolchain
    • using (only) Visual Studio 2022 with mobile development tools for C++ and cmake
  • simple starfield app using software rendering

After months of relative inactivity, I am back working on the project!

Linux was fairly easy to add, cmake does all the heavy lifting, CodeBlocks is quite good, and gcc compilation is very fast even on a VM

Android was a tough one, it required a lot of trial and error to have everything working. Cmake is great for NDK support, but the Visual Studio NDK support is not the most recent. Some tweaking is done in cmake, like setting global android properties for each target and adding custom props files, but macros are your friends!

For the starfield app, the windows version allowed me to learn about StretchDIBits. On Linux it was quite a pain, had to find X11 sample, I have not yet integrated the Window code into foundation library. On Android it was easier than I thought, the native-activity and native-plasma NDK samples were very helpful

Next I will focus on integrating some Linux/Android platform specific code for window & input, and porting the LearnOpenGL samples to both platforms.

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