SackBoy: A Big Adventure

Sumo Digital (2020)

A really good surprise, I’m usually not a fan of platform games. I finished the story it playing with my girlfriend but wasn’t bothered to complete everything.


  • Surprised at how good it plays
  • Not a fan of the aesthetic but it is a gorgeous game


  • Difficulty takes up a notch towards the end, sadly it becomes frustrating
  • Some jumps are really hard to gauge

Spider-Man Remastered

Insomniac Games (2020)

I loved playing that games back in 2018, I have a long history with Spider-Man games, and this one is pretty much perfect in every aspect, replaying it was as good as the first time, if not better thanks to the features in the remaster.


  • combat, story, web-slinging, super solid everywhere
  • 60 fps is just amazing
  • I like Peter’s new face, it grew on me


  • A bit repetitive to complete everything, especially the DLC challenges

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War

Treyarch and Raven Software (2020)

This is an honest Call of Duty game, I quite enjoyed it.


  • Quite gorgeous to look at, superb environments
  • Super smooth gameplay
  • The adaptive triggers in the main campaign


  • Didn’t get too much invested in the story or characters
  • Some missions are a bit tedious

Killzone Shadow Fall

Guerilla Games (2013)

It was only the second time I played it, and the first time didn’t leave me with a great impression, but sometimes it’s a really good idea to revisit games! I think this game is an underrated gem. At times I felt like I was in Blade Runner 2049. Maybe the gameplay and story do not go as high as the visuals and atmosphere, but I completely revised my judgement on it.


  • Visually impressive, the scale of environments is gigantic and mesmerizing
  • Vekta City
  • The soundtrack is perfectly fitting the atmosphere and visuals
  • locked 60 fps on PS5!
  • more freedom in the gameplay than previous Killzone games


  • Story is generic, but does the job
  • Changes in difficulty, especially towards the end

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