Movie review: Robin Hood

Maximus moves to England

Ridley Scott (2010)

Like many kids I knew of Robin Hood very early, thanks to the great Disney version, the amazing 1938 movie with Errol Flynn, and I really like the darker tone of Prince of Thieves with Kevin Costner. The first time I saw this movie, I didn’t like it at all.

Robin Longstride is an archer in King Richard’s army, returning from the Crusades. After the King’s death, he assumes the identity of noble Locksley, and returns to Nottingham, while rogue English Lord Godfrey is plotting with the King of France to invade a british Kingdom already in turmoil.

The Bad: Some things are downright silly, like Robin’s father being a martyr and freedom activist, or Marian deciding to join the final battle for seemingly no reason, or the fact that Robin becomes the leader of the English Army in a matter of minutes

The Good: The movie has a peculiar aesthetic, gritty and almost dirty, that suits the story quite well. I enjoyed the performance by Russell Crowe, even if he’s probably eclipsed by Cate Blanchett and Max Von Sydow. It manages to differ substantially from other incarnations and offers a new take on the legend that has some epic moments

My opinion: On second viewing I had a much better time with the movie, prompting me to think I should always give Ridley Scott a second chance. That also happened with Kingdom of Heaven, except on second viewing I was really mesmerized by it. No such strong result this time, it did not become my favorite adaptation of the famous archer, but at least now I can have a good time with it.

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