I watched these two movies within one week, they share the same director so can end up on the same post.

Never trust the maid

Edouard Molinaro (1967)

This movie is really well-known among De-Funes aficionados, but for some reason I can’t remember watching it as a kid. One of the few that slipped past me.

Wealthy real estate developer Bertrand Barnier is blackmailed by one of his employees, also wanting to marry his daughter. As they try to outplay each other, they don’t know they’re both being deceived.

The Bad: Sometimes it shows that this was originally made for the stage

The Good: Louis De-Funes’s energetic performance is well worth the watch, the rest of the cast is funny and fully engaged, good dialogue

My opinion: The movie lost me at times, but overall it’s a solid comedy with standout moments

The 65-year whiskey bender

Edouard Molinaro (1969)

I have seen this film many many times. I consider it as one of the classics when it comes to Louis De-Funes.

The business of industrial Hubert De Tartas is in jeopardy when his wife’s grandfather is found alive by a scientific expedition in Antartica, preserved in ice for decades.

The Bad: The ending is a bit abrupt

The Good: I could rave on for hours on how much I love this movie. The cast is perfect, as usual Claude Gensac as the wife is wonderful, but then you get supporting actors like Michael Lonsdale as Professor Loriebat, or Bernard Alane as Paul Fournier, that bounce off so well with Louis de Funes thanks to their contrasting performances. The level of commitment of Louis De-Funes is quite marvelous. His hilarious breakdown at the end is forever etched in my memory.

My opinion: One of my favorite Louis De-Funes movies. There are so many lines I know by heart, yet I’m never tired of watching it.

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