Series review: Normal People

Normal People

Sally Rooney (2020)

It’s always fun to watch a piece of fiction that was shot in places you are familiar with. But I definitely wasn’t prepared to what I saw.

Normal People follows the tumultuous relationship between Irish teenagers Connell and Marianne, at the end of secondary school and as they enter College.

The Bad: I wish there were more episodes before arriving to the end. Surely some bad things here and there, but I can’t think of anything specific

The Good: Truly great performances by the young duo of lead actors. The level of chemistry and intimacy they achieve is bizarrely real, to the point where you forget you’re watching characters, and feel actual awkwardness, and that is a testament to the brilliant acting and writing

My opinion: Watching Normal People was a unique experience. It gave me an emotional connection to the couple of protagonists that I did not expect. To the point where I can’t actually say I liked it. In the end it was a lot more painful than it was enjoyable. But the whole point of art is to make you feel things, and in that regard not many things succeeded as much as Normal People did.

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