Movie review: Young Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes vs demonic cupcakes

Barry Levinson (1985)

Another movie to add to the list of those I’ve seen many times when I was a kid, and that I haeve rediscovered with pleasure as an adult.

In Victorian London, young John Watson enrolls in Brompton Academy boarding school, and meets highly gifted fellow student Sherlock Holmes. Investigating a series of apparent suicides, they will uncover a dark conspiracy.

The Bad: some pacing problems at times

The Good: Fun cast of young actors, their investigation is interesting to follow, it’s really fun to see young Watson and Young Sherlock interact, with lots of references to the novels. The special effects are very well made and quite nightmarish. The sets are top-notch and improve the immersion, especially the school grounds and the underground pyramid, and impossible to not mention the soundtrack, you will remember the main theme forever.

My opinion: That is how you do an adaptation of Conan Doyle’s work aimed at young yeople (looking at you Enola Holmes!), dark, fun and hopeful.

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