Movie review: Enola Holmes

And you thought Eurus Holmes was bad…

Harry Bradbeer (2020)

I really enjoy Sherlock Holmes (quite original isn’t it?) and was very fond of the Sherlock BBC series, up until that dreadful last season, so I was interested to see an adaption coming back to the Victorian era.

Enola, younger sister to famous detective Sherlock Holmes, wakes up on her 16th birthday to find her mother has gone missing. Against the wishes of her brothers, she flees her home to try and find her, and stumbles upon a conspiracy that could shape the future of the British Empire.

The Good: Millie Bobby Brown is a charismatic young actress, and costumes look nice

The Bad: The movie is 2 hours long, but feels like 4, while also not giving the impression that a lot is happening. At no point I felt engaged a tiny bit with the plot or the shallow characters. The political message is hammered in with an astonishing lack of subtlety. I adore Henry Cavill, but he looks way too buff for a convincing Sherlock, and he also barely has anything to do.

My opinion: It’s not that often that I watch something that I find that mediocre. I don’t want to dwell on it.

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