Coding update – tools, improvements and (re)Learn OpenGL

It’s been a while since my last post, I was on holidays and also some of the things below kept me quite busy.

Here is a non exhaustive list of what I’ve worked on:

  • cmake scripts: I’ve finally managed to make targets dependent on files that are not source, so if that text or image file changes the target will rebuild automatically, instead of me having to rebuild explicitly, it was bothering me for years so I’m glad I took the time to sort it
  • code_doc_generator:
    • integration of Prism for code syntax highlighting (it’s glorious, so easy to use)
    • integration of images and whole code files as doc elements
  • math library: complete rewrite to use only typedefs instead of float* parameters (that was very painful, but for the greater good)
  • framework library: moved (and improved) the input module and added window functions resembling what GLFW does, hopefully one day that will be cross-platform
  • gif_recorder: new tool to capture animated gifs of a running app (it’s a poor man’s version of ScreenToGif, it took me ages to get an acceptable performance, still not great but my laptop is old now)
  • OpenGL:
    • complete implementation of the LearnOpenGL Getting Started tutorial, all using my own code
    • it might seem overkill to redo those tutorials exactly, but it’s actually very beneficial, provides me with loads of working examples and helps me write new tools and tidy up the existing ones (and also it’s really fun to do!)
    • all tutorial code and results are visible here
  • GitHub: I’ve made a proper License file containing all the relevant license information

What’s next?

I want to continue implementing the OpenGL tutorials, and then build rendering tools with techniques presented in the examples. Not sure if I said this before, LearnOpenGL is one of the best tutorial website for programmers I’ve ever seen, so huge thanks to Joey de Vries again!

At some point I really want to start on the immediate GUI too.

Now thanks to the gif recorder and the improvements to the code doc gen tool, I have a nice way to both keep track and showcase the progress I’m making.

I have had a few stupid bugs here and there, because I haven’t bothered to write unit tests. It’s quite the undertaking, but I really need to write tests for core libraries to save myself time debugging in the future.

I’m also completely behind on code documentation!

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