Video Game review: Terminator Resistance

Terminator Resistance

Teyon (2019)

I like the Terminator franchise a lot (well the first two movies are marvelous, after that it’s downhill for sure, even though some things are interesting). Single-player First person shooters are among my favorite genre of games, especially on consoles (I know most people don’t like it). Most Terminator games ended up not being great, it might all change thanks to this one!

Play as Jacob Rivers, a member of the Resistance, battle against Skynet to save the life of your comrades and friends trying to survive in the war against the machines.

The Bad: I wouldn’t say the gameplay is bad, I have fun while I play, but it definitely suffers of the comparison with recent FPS games. It might feel a bit slow at times. I would have liked more all-out-war types of levels, because that was definitely the most fun I had. I’m not so much a fan of multiple choices and endings, but thankfully it’s not overdone here as there are only a bunch of different outcomes.

The Good: The obvious thing about the game is that the people behind it are huge Terminator fans. You feel it right away at the first menu screen. The music is exceptional, expanding on the movie soundtrack and adapting perfectly to game sequences. The robot models, the text fonts, the maps, the sound effects, the weapons and plasma beams, everything is so meticulously close to what appears in the movies. Recreating the apocalyptic future from Terminator is definitely the game’s most striking achievement.

I liked the story and characters, the scenario is not trying to outshine or reinvent the movie, it does what is needed to bring you an exciting Terminator experience.

I also like that the gameplay is quite restricted for a modern game, simple skill tree, not too much crafting.

My opinion: This game is a small miracle, when new Terminator movies are spiraling more and more into mediocrity, the developers of this game kept it simple, they reprise of lot of what was done in the really cool Terminator: Future Shock (I purchased that one back in the day!) and Terminator: Skynet, and add their own twist to the concept: fighting the war against the machines depicted in the first two movies, and it’s awesome!

Might not be the best game out there, but it’s pretty damn good!

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