Video Game review: Degrees of Separation

Degrees of Separation

Moondrop (2019)

I was browsing through PlayStation Store, trying to find a game to play with my girlfriend, and came across this hidden gem for a very reasonable price.

Play as Rime and Ember, brought together by a mysterious force, but staying apart in their respective worlds, in this 2D puzzle adventure.

The Bad: A tiny number of puzzles are weirdly put together and are not “flowing” like the rest (can spend 10 minutes and not have a single clue how to solve them). The UI to see which scarves are missing can be difficult to see in some instances.

The Good: It looks and sounds ridiculously good, the gameplay is very fun and rewarding. The story is not the focal point but narration done by voice is easy to follow. I haven’t tried to play single player so I don’t know if that translates well, but it’s very nice to play with someone else (you can do it locally or online)

My opinion: I really like this kind of game, a lot of effort was spent to make it look and sound appealing (and it is absolutely gorgeous, the visuals AND the music), but most importantly you have a good time when playing because the mechanics are well thought out and pleasant to interact with.

A great purchase!

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