Le Gendarme et les Gendarmettes

Jean Girault (1982)

Three years after the worst episode in the series, France’s favorite gendarme is back for a final movie. I hadn’t seen it in a long time, and I feared this one would follow in the footsteps of its predecessor, fortunately for me I was pleasantly surprised.

Four young (and attractive) police women are assigned to St-Tropez’s gendarmerie. While they’re learning the job and making heads turn, tensions arise between Cruchot and Gerber, and their wives. But more trouble comes when the ladies are getting kidnapped one by one.

The Bad: Some of the acting is peculiar, flirting with being very off-key, and a common trait in the series the pace slows down in the second act.

The Good: Louis De-Funes is in much better shape here, so that helps tremendously, and Michel Galabru does absolutely great as well. I find the writing in general to be much more efficient than in the previous film. I laughed at the the silly situations and some hilarious jokes. It’s different enough from the former entries, but manages to get back what made them great. I like that the characters are borderline misogynists at times (and a bit racist), but that is treated in a fun way and they get punished for it.

My opinion: It’s much better than I remembered, (certainly way better than the previous episode). It ends the series on a good note.

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