Le Gendarme et les Extra-terrestres

Jean Girault (1979)

Nearly a decade after the previous episode, most of the team returns for a movie that really stands out from the rest, but not in a good way…

The brigade of St-Tropez encounters beings from another planet. Ludovic Cruchot is soon hunted by his own comrades while he seeks proof of the visitors’ presence.

The Good: Weirdly enough, some tense scenes involving the aliens are surprisingly effective, thanks to the stressful music (like the flying saucer hiding in the sky as the moon then coming down). Unfortunately the overall tone of the movie negates this aspect completely. I really like Maurice Risch though

The Bad: I hardly laughed, or even smiled at anything. It’s like there is no inspiration in the writing, or even the acting. Everything feels forced, it’s not really entertaining nor interesting. Maybe Louis de Funes’ weakened state accentuates this impression. There is also a weird segment mocking the abundance of advertisement in society and in movies, but that’s not funny at all.

My opinion: Probably the weakest film of the series with the second one. I have seen it countless times but I would say this one has no heart.

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