Video Game: Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal

id Software (2020)

Like many a kid growing up in the 1990’s, I have played the original Doom. I skipped Doom 3, and was stupidly skeptical when the great Doom (2016) came out. I swiftly corrected this idiotic viewpoint by playing it, and was very eager to play the sequel.

As the Doom Slayer, you must stop Hell’s invasion of Earth and defy the mysterious forces manipulating the demonic hordes.

The Bad: I might not be good enough, but the final levels get frustratingly difficult at times, and as a general thing, the way forward (or any other direction) is sometimes really uneasy to find

The Good: The combat gameplay is just ridiculously good, the brutal music is helping you get in a state of frenzy to shoot all the goddamn demons (although you really end up exhausted playing), the graphics are disgustingly beautiful

My opinion: I’m on the fence of considering it better than the previous installment, the “story” might be more interesting in the 2016 game, but the gameplay brings you a lot more fun in Eternal. So I’d have to go with it, even though I love both.

A must have.

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