Le Gendarme en balade

Jean Girault (1970)

This is probably the episode I’ve seen the most. I used to know the dialog by heart (not anymore haha), it was great to watch it again after several years.

Forced into retirement, the brigade of St-Tropez has trouble adjusting to civilian life. When one of their own suffers from amnesia after an accident, the squad gets together again in hopes of helping their comrade remember their life together.

The Bad: There is a drop in the pacing during the middle section, some scenes feel too long

The Good: I was almost crying with laughter in the first act of the movie, it has some of the best scenes in Louis De Funes’ career. The very end with the bomb is just a wonder of comedy

My opinion: Not as solid as the previous one, but it contains some of the best scenes in the whole series. I’m afraid it goes a bit downhill from that point on.

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