Movie review: Gladiator


Ridley Scott (2000)

I remember very well seeing this movie for the first time. I went in with other kids from my school. There was an annoying one that had an interest in history and would make unrequited comments during the projection, and someone rightfully asked him to shut up. I liked it so much I watched it many (MANY) more times when I was a teenager.

The Bad: Can’t say I dislike anything in particular, maybe the solemnity in the aftermath of the final fight feels slightly forced

The Good: In normal Ridley Scott fashion, this looks gorgeous. Such a charismatic performance by Russell Crowe, and Joaquin Phoenix really makes you hate his character. The soundtrack is a gem

My opinion: I might not like this movie as much as I did before, but I still think it’s bloody brilliant. It’s epic, violent, with larger-than-life characters, a tale of vengeance and a battle to redeem the soul of the Roman empire.

At this point I can say I’m a proud fan of Ridley Scott.

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