Movie review: Two Brothers

Two Brothers

Jean-Jacques Annaud (2004)

I like tigers a lot (who doesn’t?), so I didn’t put much of a fight when my girlfriend suggested we watch this movie.

In early 20th century Cambodia, renowned hunter Aidan McRory comes accross a tiger family in the jungle. The two cubs live but are separated, until fate reunites them as adults.

The Bad: The tigers seem to have more development than most of the characters, it’s understandable but weird as well. In terms of CG, you can really tell when some scenes are using composite images or green screens

The Good: Guy Pearce is always good, beautiful exotic locations, and of course you get to see tigers for 90 minutes

My opinion: Overall I liked it, but I thought it had weak points, the story is touching but rather naive, I get the message it’s trying to convey, but I think it would have been stronger if events were more plausible

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