Movie review: Peau d’Ane

Peau D’Ane

Jacques Demy (1970)

I feel like I’ve known this movie all my life. but watching it recently I was able to really appreciate how much of a classic it is.

Jacques Demy adapts Charles Perrault’s fairy tale, where a widowed King plans to marry his daughter. With the help of her fairy godmother, the princess tries to dissuade her father with impossible requests.

The Bad: I can’t think of anything

The Good: Visually splendid, such attention to detail, you truly are transported into a magical world (without any CG!) the movie unfolds like a dream, wonderful music and songs, unfaltering performances by actors never break the spell

My opinion: in terms of musical films, this is one of the most imaginative and visually rich movies I’ve seen. A true gem

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