Le Gendarme se marie

Jean Girault (1968)

We continue our viewing of the classic French comedy series. I enjoyed the first two episodes, but I knew the best was to come.

In this third episode, Gendarme Cruchot meets Josepha, a charming widow. His daugther worries about this new relationship.

The Bad: The pacing slows down slightly by the end

The Good: Such an improvement on the previous two entries in the series. I felt like the first 20 minutes of this film had more good in them that the previous two movies combined. Undeniable chemistry between Claude Gensac and Louis de Funes, Michel Galabru takes a more prominent role in this and he’s hilarious

My opinion: One of the best Louis de Funes movies. The situations and characters are very funny, but the precision and timing in the actor’s performances is just stunning.

A classic

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