Movie review: Ridicule


Patrice Leconte (1996)

I like a good period movie. Especially for those set in pre-revolutionary France, there really is no comparison between popular american attempts (most are just horrendous) and a movie like this.

France in the 18th century, Baron and engineer Gregoire De Malavoy travels to Versailles in hopes of improving the poor life conditions his people suffer from on mosquito-infested swamp lands. He will have to learn to navigate the King’s court, where wit can open all doors and reputation is key.

The Bad: no grief except one very short scene that’s quite clearly accelerated, it looks sloppy

The Good: The cast is marvelous, such wonderful dialogue, very good costumes and beautiful interiors

My opinion: a great film, clearly a work of passion, that delivers an engaging, fun, and playful depiction of courtesans and the cruel workings of the court

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