Movie review: Memento


Christopher Nolan (2000)

Memento is a movie I bought on DVD without knowing much about it, at a time when I wanted to just see new things. And what a slap in the face it was!

Leonard Shelby has a memory condition, he can’t form new memories. He is on a quest to find his wife’s killer and get revenge.

The Bad: Can’t think of anything

The Good: Everything really, in my opinion a prime example of solidity everywhere, the music, the actors, the color palette, etc. nothing stands out because everything is just right

My opinion: Maybe this movie tricks the neophyte with a reverse-plot and stylistic effects, but it damn sure worked on me! I remember the shock at the end, feeling like “woah, that sh*t was dark…”

This is my favorite Christopher Nolan movie. This is where he excels, like in The Prestige, depicting how far people will go following their negative instincts. Something that is mostly absent (understandably ?) from his big budget efforts.

I would pick this movie over any of his Batman (yes, even the Dark Knight) any day of the week.

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