Movie review: Footloose


Herbert Ross (1984)

I like american movies from the 1980’s. They have a special atmosphere to them, a form of optimism that completely disappeared later on. Again I knew of the song Footloose years before watching the film.

Teenager Ren McCormack moves in a small town that has banned dancing. Between making new friends, avoiding trouble and getting the attention of the pastor’s daughter, he will try to change the narrow-minded mentality of the townsfolk.

The Bad: The character of Ariel is very difficult to like, at the point you ask yourself why Ren even likes her

The Good: Kevin Bacon at a young age is already very charismatic, good supporting cast especially Chris Penn and John Lithgow, a kick-ass soundtrack, cool dance numbers, and a good treatment of themes like youth, religious fanaticism and small-town mentality

My opinion: Much better than Flashdance, Footloose is a must-see for 80’s lovers.

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