Movie review: Blackhat


Michael Mann (2015)

I like some of Mann’s movies more than others, but apart from one (Public Enemies) that I really didn’t get, I was always impressed by how classy they look.

After a hacker causes an accident in a nuclear plant, a joint US/Chinese team is tasked to stop him. They recruit Nick Hathaway, who co-wrote the tool used by the hacker, out of prison to help them in the search.

The Bad: Would have liked some characters to have more screen-time

The Good: Some of the most intense actions scenes I’ve seen in a movie. Mann really knows how to shoot a city at night, the story takes turns you don’t expect, Chris Hemsworth exudes charisma, and has great chemistry with gorgeous Tang Wei

My opinion: A nerve-wracking thriller, that can proudly stand next to Collateral and Heat

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