Movie review: Troy


Wolfgang Petersen (2004)

I’m expecting this to be controversial. I genuinely don’t understand why this movie seems to be almost universally hated.

In this star-studded Hollywood adaptation of The Illiad, the great hero Achilles and the Greeks go to war with the nation of Troy, defended by the honorable prince Hector. An unfortunate chain of events started by Trojan prince Paris falling in love with Helen of Sparta.

The Bad: Takes a lot of liberties with the source material

The Good: Brad Pitt and Eric Bana are two charismatic leads, the supporting cast is just great (Peter O’Toole, Brendan Gleeson, Brian Cox & Sean Bean for men, Diane Kruger, Saffron Burrows & Rose Byrne for women), beautiful exterior & interior sets, impressive scenes with enormous amounts of extras, music than you remember, and a collection of memorable moments (THAT fight between Achilles and Hector, storming the beach of Troy, Priam and Achilles, the sack of Troy,…)

My opinion: I’m probably one of the very few that really likes this movie. For some reason I’m oblivious to the issues people think it has, it just works great for me. I get invested in each character.

It’s a tragic story about love, war, glory and honor. Cheesy and unrealistic maybe, but moving and epic.

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