Le Gendarme a New-York

Jean Girault (1965)

Growing up, for some reason our parents never showed us this particular episode in the Gendarme series, but we’d seen the rest of them many many times. After watching it a couple of times as an adult, I see why…

The Brigade of St-Tropez is chosen to represent France in a law enforcement conference in New-York. Disobeying her father, Nicole Cruchot boards the boat as a stowaway. Once they arrive in America, starts a game of cat and mouse that could get them both in a lot of trouble.

The Good: Louis de Funes, Michel Galabru and the others, some real funny scenes like Cruchot searching for his daughter in the italian store. Seeing long forgotten things like the boat France, New-York in the 60’s

The Bad: There is no story here, it should have been a 30 minute segment in a proper sequel, I got bored pretty quickly,

My opinion: Definitely weaker than its predecessor, there are a few good moments, but it could have been so much better

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