Movie review: Interstellar


Christopher Nolan (2014)

Science-fiction is probably my favorite genre in films. At the time I liked movies made by Christopher Nolan (some more than others), the last non-Batman one being Inception which I was very impressed by. So naturally I went in the theater expecting to be blown away. And well…

The Good: Visually stunning, many scenes are just a marvel to watch, yes the music is overbearing at times but it’s still very effective, I like Matthew McConaughey’s and Anne Hathaway’s performances, many jaw-dropping moments in space or on that water planet

The Bad: It’s probably the most cliché thing that was said about the movie, but what the hell is that ending? Why waste so many good things on such an uninspired conclusion. I could go on about the inconsistencies, or the way the passing of time is very confusing (2 years to get to the wormhole, but once on the other side they can just hop from planet to planet?), but I am not usually bothered by those issues if the core of the movie is consistent. And here you can say it is, because logically all foreshadowed events are explained, but it feels like no explanation would have been better than what transpires. It’s like they tried to tie it all together, the emotional and the spectacular into one big mush, but it doesn’t work.

In my previous experience with Nolan movies (Batman trilogy excluded), at the ending I was like “Oh!!” (namely in Inception, but really in Memento and The Prestige) with this one I was like “Oh…” (note the subtle nuance haha).

My opinion: I can’t totally hate Interstellar, because the good bits it has are undeniably good, and not many movies can reach those highs, so thanks to those moments I still like it. But I am very disappointed that such an ambitious project almost totally collapses on itself because of what I can only describe as lazy writing.

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