Movie review: Ad Astra

Ad Astra

James Gray (2019)

Reading this blog it would become evident that I have a thing for movies involving space and/or science fiction. This one joins the long line of movies that I stupidly didn’t see on a big screen. How wrong I was…

As a series of power surges are threatening life in the solar system, Astronaut Roy McBride is mandated to go to Mars, in an attempt to contact his father, who disappeared years ago in a mission to search for intelligent life.

The Bad: The only nitpick I’d have is those CGI monkeys

The Good: Visually it’s a powerhouse, Eye-candy coupled with very good music, impeccable Brad Pitt, a strong emotional journey, rare but intense actions scenes

My opinion: Science-fiction movies being so numerous and popular, it becomes hard to find a story that diverts from over-used tropes. Ad Astra is a remarkable entry, as it takes its own route, preferring a slower pace, a more intimate approach, to deliver a message that is contradictory to most movies made in the same vein, and it is all the better for it.

I’m glad James Gray was allowed a big budget to produce something unique, not adhering to the “modern” standards of science-fiction.

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