Series review: Poldark


Debbie Horsfield (2015-2019)

I didn’t know anything about Poldark, the books or the old TV show. All it took was one episode and I was immediately on board.

England, 1783, Ross Poldark returns from the war to his home in Cornwall, and finds himself unwelcome. With his father dead, his estate in shambles, and his former lover Elizabeth engaged to his cousin Francis, he will try to build a new life, along with his new love Demelza.

The Bad: It’s a shame the series ended so quickly, you can tell there was a lot more material, also the show is not exempt of tricking you into liking characters by having them sharing our contemporary moral values, sometimes it’s just too obvious, some seasons are better than others

The Good: Gorgeous scenery, great costumes, sets and music, stellar cast (Aidan Turner does great, but how beautiful is Eleanor Tomlinson 😻!), compelling characters and story arcs, touching on themes like family, war, jealousy, friendship, slavery, love, and many others

My opinion: Poldark is a beautifully crafted, well acted and well written show. I really was invested in the lives of the characters, and I was sad to see the show end (but at least it didn’t have time to get bad as so many others do!)

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