Progress update: C doc generator tool

It works!

After weeks spending time on it (& fixing code), I have a working version of the doc generator I am satisfied with. Thanks to my girlfriend, setting up correct HTML/CSS would have been a lot more painful if I had to do it myself.

In terms of speed, it’s currently taking less than 3 seconds for the whole thing to run. The bottleneck is reading the big C header files.

Enabling some stats, I got:

>gen stat 47 html pages 1121 code elements
>code doc generation successful for project Another Memory Ends in 2516.05 ms

Lots of room for improvement, I guess it’s way faster on a modern PC, my laptop is more than 3 years old and not super fast, but it’s decent for now.

What’s next?

I will continue to port the C++ code I have to C, with hopefully some improvements along the way.

I am currently wanting to add a simple mutli-threading API, that I can use to speed up the doc gen tool, as well as re-implementing the image library, (which fortunately was already heavily function oriented rather than object-oriented), in a faster and more efficient way.

Stay tuned!

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