Movie review: Jeanne


Bruno Dumont (2018)

A french youtuber I follow (has the BEST name for a Youtube channel…) recommended this movie. It looked odd, different, but he gave very convincing arguments so I was intrigued. He was right!

The movie adapts the writings of Charles Peguy and focuses on Joan of Arc’s trial.

The Bad: The inconsistency of performances rubbed me off at some moments, but that’s the way the director works, so I wouldn’t say it’s bad, it just doesn’t resonate with me

The Good: A lot of gorgeous shots, beautiful scenery, the young actress playing Jeanne, the music is amazing, the unique atmosphere

My opinion: Very peculiar, totally not what I would watch usually, but very interesting nonetheless. The music and songs by the late Christophe gives poetic and sumptuous moments. The choice of a very young actress to play Jeanne is a stunning one, but it works so well, it accentuates her vulnerability in the madness she finds herself in.

I’m not sure how well it would imprint on non-french speakers, but with a bit of curiosity and open-mindedness you can find great things!

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