Movie review: Begin Again

Begin Again

John Carney (2013)

I absolutely adore John Carney’s Sing Street, and my girlfriend recommended this one.

It tells the story of a washed-up record label executive, teaming up with a young English singer who just broke up with her famous pop-star boyfriend, in a attempt to make a new record and take back their lives.

The Bad: nothing very bad comes to mind, I’d think the only issue is nothing is exceptional either

The Good: The music is good, solid performances all the way (even James Corden…), fun scenes, some cool shots of New-York

My opinion: it’s not revolutionary, but it’s a nice movie with fun characters. Even though I don’t like Keira Knightley a lot she’s doing good work here, and if at first he seems obnoxious you end up liking Mark Ruffalo’s goofy character. Adam Levine has not enough screen-time, and almost feels under-used as his voice is the best thing in the movie. I get the message about the music industry, but it’s not pushed very far.

I liked it, but in my opinion it really pales in comparison to Sing Street. I should probably watch Once too.

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