Documentary review: Queen, Days of our lives

Queen, Days of our lives

Matt O’Casey (2011)

Pissed off after watching Rami Malek cosplaying Freddie Mercury in the horrendous Bohemian Rhapsody, I needed to see something about Queen that would rightfully capture their greatness.

The Bad: Because there is so much to tell, things go fast, maybe too fast, many times I would have liked to know more

The Good: Interviews of May and Taylor are great, awesome archive footage, the ending is very emotional

My opinion: For someone who likes Queen’s music, this documentary is a formidable way to learn about the band’s history, the story behind their greatest hits, the struggles and the spectacular moments. And you can perceive how special the bond was between the band members. I almost cried at the end.

I honestly would not have minded for this thing to be an epic 10 hour series.

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