Applying some structure

I am wildly inconsistent. That’s been an issue of mine for years. I am not satisfied with the current output of posts on this site.

You should always try to better yourself, and to that end I will use two of the best tools available for betterment, discipline and structure.

I am trying a new format for review-type posts. It will be short/medium sized post about one item each time. It will generally consist of what I like and don’t like, and my overall opinion. A bit formulaic, maybe, but that’s worth a try.

It will use the following grading system:

yes that’s the shape of our little ghost friend N!
  • 0 ghosts: god-awful – I literally hate it
  • 1 ghost : bad – I don’t like it
  • 2 ghosts: meh – not fond of it
  • 3 ghosts: good – I enjoy it
  • 4 ghosts: great – I really enjoy it
  • 5 ghosts: favorite – can’t go any higher

The grade is completely subjective, and will focus solely on my appreciation. I will always try to talk about the qualities of something even if it’s not really my cup of tea.

I still want to write longer articles now and then, like tier-lists of movie franchises, articles about directors I like, that sort of thing.

For the programming posts, I will keep on adding regular updates on the work, until something concrete really starts and then I will be able to propose updates on a much more regular schedule.

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