I love Ollie Wride… Did I tell you I loved Ollie Wride?

Come on, could he BE any cooler?
(photo taken from Ollie’s twitter, then “slightly” modified)

I’m a terrible fan-boy who compliments too much

I have been listening over and over to this video, with two of my favorite Ollie songs back to back. It’s great when the live versions are as good if not better, (well they’re different in a good way?) than the recorded versions.
Stranger Love was an immediate hit for me, probably listened to it 50 times on the first day (obsessive much?). Not a surprise though, already knew Sunglasses Kid from several awesome tracks.

Also posted a super-duper-nice version of Running in the Night with FM-84, made for the Midnight’s live-stream fundraiser (I LOVE the Midnight, I’ll have to write about them too). I’d love to hear a similar rendition of Never Stop.

A great song was done by Prizm, Midnight FM, mixing some of The Midnight songs with two of Ollie & FM-84 songs, and it’s really really good, gives you a new appreciation of all the songs.

Having also checked out his live stream replay, it was very entertaining (that piano version of Never Stop…), Ollie is fun and very nice, and way too humble for a man of his talents.

In the previous article I qualified his album as Synthwave, but that’s too contrived, the album is so much more. It also doesn’t convey how much I like Ollie’s music, it is a great collection of songs, definitely one of my favorite albums of these last few years, and Ollie has made his way into my favorite singers list.

The next step for me is try to trick persuade my girlfriend into liking Ollie too, so we can go see him perform live.

Thanks Ollie, you’ve made a lifelong fan, gonna buy your records and hope to see you live very soon!

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