News from the confinement area (a.k.a my living room…)

It’s a crazy time, and I haven’t been productive at all these last few weeks. But I’m slowly adapting to the situation and I am motivated to work on some things again.

Implementing the GIF format was a painful process, it took a while and I did another rewrite of the image lib.
For some reason I was lazy and going deep into the specifics of GIF and LZW took me ages. But I finally got it working, which is nice.

Then I wanted to focus on improving the abysmal speed and enforce some good practices regarding heavy processing in the framework.
Like reworking the job / task code and try to add speed in certain areas, the image library (again…) being a great place to start!

But now I changed my mind and I want to try and get away from the Object Oriented paradigm and try to do things in a more data oriented kind of way.
It definitely means I’ll get to rewrite and rearrange almost all the code once again.
It feels like I’ve been doing things wrong all this time, and this new approach is a refreshing change.

Fun times ahead!

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