Improvements to Image library

Kicking off 2020 with a cheerful update on the framework

A nice PNG image converted to different pixel formats.

Pixels, Pixels everywhere…

Happy new year! After a rather unproductive Christmas break, I continued with improving my Image library. I actually rewrote it completely to make the transition easier.

Eons ago, when I wanted images, I just quickly read through tutorials and had something working. It was working-ish. That is why I ended up with a wonky import/export and just a few pixel format options.
After carefully reading through the Bitmap and PNG formats specs, the library now allows a wider range of pixel formats, and the width and memory issues have all been addressed.
I guess it took a while but at least now I have a much better comprehension of how images work in my code!

I have added a battery of image unit tests, with lots of loading, saving and conversions, to make sure I don’t screw things up anymore.
Made a small command line tool to convert images, I’ll probably add a few features to it.
I still hope to include more image formats, JPEG and GIFs would be a cool addition.
I’m now also in the wonderful world of color palettes, I definitely will look into it further and apply that research in the framework.

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