First GUI version of the list maker

Report of progress of the last few weeks. It’s getting there.

Slowly but surely

It took a while to get here! A lot of GUI code improvements later, the app now allows total customization of the list. Text parameters, colors, objects sizes etc. Also it’s able to save the list as a text file, and export the image.

Now I’ll make a lot of cool looking lists ranking my favorite movie franchises, that will be fuel for movie articles.

There are a few bugs still, some minor drawing issues, but especially errors in the image export if the width is not a product of 4, makes the output image all wrong. I thought I fixed that but apparently not!

Next on the programming side I will focus on fixing the bugs in the image library, by rewriting it completely. I’ll add more pixel formats and handle color palettes and other fun things. Yay!

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