Progress on the tier list app

Talking about the recent improvement to the C++ framework and the tier list maker.

The infinity backlog

Building a functioning app (even a very modest one) allows me to make a lot of bug fixing and general improvements to the framework.

The gui code has benefited a lot from that work, with new controls type like a list box (had a drop list before), a file dialog to open/save while browsing the filesystem, and other useful combinations.

I also made lots of minor improvements to things like functors, parallel tasks, event handlers. etc. Always feels good to fix some bugs and improve the quality.

My goal is to finish the Tier list maker, adding all the customization controls and the ability to load / edit / export tiers lists.

Then I will able to make film tier lists by the dozen! A lot of articles to write then…

I also decided to put everything I wanted to add to the framework in a backlog… and surely it became a behemoth of future work…

From major improvements to the GUI to allow the creation of gui apps & windows with a visual editor (visual studio style, like 1/1000000 of it haha), to small things like adding jpeg support to the image library, and something cooler like adding new rendering capabilities like normal mapping in the shader generator.

A great deal of work awaits me, but I have fun in the meantime reporting the progress on here!

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